How well do you really remember the late 00s? Take this quiz to find out

Never forget the days when a Blackberry was the dream phone

It’s been a decade since the 00s ended and yet it feels like only yesterday we were playing Farmville, watching Britain’s Got Talent and Paris Hilton was getting arrested again.

The late noughties was a classic time in popular culture and world events. It was the height of reality TV shows like American’s Next Top Model and Jersey Shore and The Hills started on our screens.

It was also start of every social media site going and even introduced us to the iPhone. But how well do you really remember the defining moments between 2006 and 2010?

Could you get full marks on a quiz? Would you be able to know where Great Britain came in the 2008 Olympics? Or which movie made the most in the box office in 2009?

Well to find out and test your 00s knowledge take our late noughties trivia quiz:

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