Your packed lunch and the people you date are inextricably linked, this quiz will prove it

Putting mayo into your pasta? That screams fuck boy

You can deny it as much as you like but you have a type. Whether you find yourself constantly going for much older guys or lusting over the same old dickheads that screw you over every. single. time, you still have a type.

But, here’s a thought – have you ever considered that maybe (just maybe) your packed lunch accurately reflects the type of partner you seek? No? Weird, I know but hear me out. We’ve created a quiz to find out whether there actually is any correlation between the items you put in your lunchbox during the week and the people you shag on the weekends.

Take this quiz below to find out what your type really is. Chances are that chain of rugby boys you’ve dated in the past year doesn’t actually mean you like rugby boys. But that KitKat you slipped into your rucksack sure does.

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