Million Dollar Beach House on Netflix is being called ‘racist’ by viewers

People are already requesting it gets pulled

New reality TV show, Million Dollar Beach House, has been branded as “racist” by viewers – with some calling for the show to be pulled from Netflix completely.

The series was released this week, and focuses on five real estate agents working for Nest Seekers – a luxury real estate company in the Hamptons. People have said they feel uneasy after watching the show, and have commented on the micro-aggressions towards real estate agent Noel Roberts – who is the only black member of the cast.

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In the first episode, fellow agent Michael is seen describing Noel. He says: “Was Noel here today? Noel or whatever the fuck? You guys meet him yet? He’s very polished, right? Polished that one.”

In later episodes it becomes clear that Noel and another agent, Peggy, don’t get on – and their drama is one of the big storylines. It becomes clear that Noel is the show’s “villain” and it’s obvious the other realtors don’t like him as much.

People on Twitter have been quick to jump on this point – sharing how they feel about the show and Noel’s portrayal. One said: “The agents on Million Dollar Beach House seem kinda racist……. I was so excited to see Noel but then the way the others act towards him? Not right.” Others have added they get “racist vibes” from the show with another adding a scene where they made Noel’s twin brother speak in Korean was offensive.

Another added that it seems strange the only black person and only female person in main roles on the show have been “pitted against” one another, whilst others have requested the show gets taken down completely.

If you search for “Million Dollar Beach House” on Twitter right now, almost all of the tweets are people saying the show is racist. Noel is yet to comment on any of the reviews, but is instead sharing memes and articles about the show and was at a streaming party for it last night.

The Tab has approached Netflix for comment.

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