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If you’ve been left wondering what to do with your life since you finished Selling Sunset then you’re in luck, because Netflix has just dropped a new series which is the next best thing. Million Dollar Beach House follows a cast of real estate agents in the Hamptons, who sell luxury and expensive coastline listings which really are Oppenheim Group levels of incredible.

The main cast of the show is five real estate agents from Nest Seekers International, who are based in the Hamptons. And of course, the show brings drama and gossip from their personal lives too. Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Million Dollar Beach House on Netflix.

JB Andreassi

Million Dollar Beach House, cast, Netflix, JB

via Netflix

JB was born and raised in the Hamptons and has always had an interest in real estate. His dad, J Andreassi, is a developer in Southampton who built loads of the homes in the area throughout the 90s, so you can see where he got his interest from. His dad is described as “one of the founding fathers of Hamptons luxury residential” – so now JB is following in his footsteps.

JB is a graduate of Dartmouth College, and a graduate of the Tuck Bridge School of Business program. In his earlier career, he worked for four years at the National Hockey League as part of the business development team. There, he was responsible for tens of millions of dollars of corporate partnership assets. He then joined Related Management Group – one of the biggest Real Estate development firms in the world. After a year and a half there, he moved back to live near his family and started working for Nest Seekers.

JB Andreassi, Instagram

via Instagram @jb_andreassi

In the trailer, JB says how he is close friends with Nest Seekers colleague Michael, and that they have been friends since they were teenagers. He already has a few thousand followers on Instagram, where he posts loads of pictures of him with family and friends, as well as the huge listings he sells. His Instagram handle is @jb_andreassi. 

Peggy Zabakolas

Million Dollar Beach House, cast, Netflix, Peggy

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Peggy was born in Queens, raised in Long Island and graduated from Hofstra University Zarb Business School. She then worked in real estate before going to law school and spent a summer in between London and Paris studying Real Estate Transactions in a Global Market. Her family are Greek and she is fluent in the language.

After moving from New York, she’s now doing luxury real estate in the Hamptons with Nest Seekers. If you think you recognise her face already, she had a recurring role on of Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Listing New York”.

Peggy Zabakolas, Instagram

via Instagram @peggy__z

Peggy’s Instagram is probably the most personal and fun out of all the agents in the cast of Million Dollar Beach House. She shares a mix of selfies, pictures of her at events and fun holiday pictures as well as pictures of amazing listings. Her Instagram handle is @peggy__z.

Noel Roberts

Million Dollar Beach House, cast, Netflix, Noel

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Noel is the head of Nest Seekers Private Client, which is a boutique practice within the brokerage that works with particularly high net worth families and clients. He has over a decade of experience in real estate and business. He is also the creator of lifestyle and real estate publication Hamptons Spectator and the founder of Private Client Members, a luxury concierge offering both membership and on-demand services to high net worth clients.

Noel is married with two daughters and has an identical twin brother called Joel – yes that’s Joel and Noel. His brother is an actor and model in Korea, and he’s only seen him a handful of times in the last eight years.

Noel Roberts, Instagram

via Instagram @noelxroberts

Noel could be the start of some in-office drama and rivalry in the show, as Peggy calls him “phoney” and the others are seen describing him sarcastically as a “polished gentlemen” as well as  “secretive” and “competitive”. If you think he looks polished on the show, his Instagram follows the same vibe too. He has the most followers of all the agents (at the moment) and there are a lot of beachy shots and gorgeous homes – it’s reaaaal fancy. His handle is @noelxroberts. 

James ‘Jimmy’ Giugliano

Million Dollar Beach House, cast, Netflix, James, Jimmy

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James, or Jimmy as they call him on the show, was also born and raised in Southampton, New York. He is a business management major. According to the Nest Seekers website, James lives by a great quote by Thomas Edison: “There is no substitute for hard work”.

James Giugliano, Instagram, Jimmy

via Instagram @jamesnestseekers

James is married to his wife, Kelsey Giugliano, and they have a son called Rocco together. In his Instagram bio he says he had the number one and number three biggest deals in the Hamptons in 2019. Aside from loads of pictures of houses, he shares the occasional snap of his family. His Instagram handle is @jamesnestseekers. 

Michael Fulfree

Million Dollar Beach House, cast, Netflix, Michael

via Netflix

Before working in real estate, Michael had a successful career as an international model, modelling for brands such as Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Diesel Jeans and Alexander McQueen. He was even named Model of the Year in 2008 and has attended Fashion Week around the world.

Ummm okay!! via Netflix

He lived in Italy from 2009 to 2012, and it was whilst visiting the Hamptons with family that he said he fell in love with the area. He describes himself as a family man and also has done lots of charity work. He is associated with the Wounded Warrior 32-mile race, he cycled the TD 5 Borough race raising funds and awareness for the Lupus Foundation of America, and he’s spent time working at a children’s hospital.

Micheal Fulfree, Instagram, modelling, Million Dollar Beach House, Netflix, cast

via Instagram @mike_fulfree

Michael has a wife called Samantha, who is pregnant in the trailer for the show, but on his Instagram there are loads of pictures of her with their child together. They have a baby boy called Luca. Also on his Instagram are a few pics with fellow Million Dollar Beach House cast member, JB, who he has been friends with since school. His Instagram handle is @mike_fulfree.

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