Don't tell the bride memes

These 35 Don’t Tell The Bride memes won’t disappoint you like the groom does

Who doesn’t want pigs at a wedding?

Don’t Tell The Bride has been added to Netflix and the people who are discovering it for the first time are in for a wild ride of hilarity, disappointment and a lot of themed weddings. Seriously why do all the grooms think a wedding needs a theme?

The show that gives the groom a budget in exchange for the bride having no control or knowledge over her dream day has somehow managed to create some quality memes. This is largely in part thanks to men being trash and literally having no idea what they’re doing. Because what girl doesn’t want a Neighbours themed wedding?

From disastrous dresses, to chips and dips as a wedding meal, to a full on skate ramp at the wedding it seems the way men can disappoint their brides is endless. And whilst the men may be a disappointment these 35 Don’t Tell The Bride memes certainly aren’t:

1. Seriously, how does the patriarchy exist?

2. How does the wedding conversation just never come up?

3. I always feel better about being single watching this show

4. Men don’t have a sensible side tho

5. Ladies we really need to raise our standards

6. I am shocked, absolutely shocked she doesn’t like the pig theme wedding

7. Just a thought

8. Raising an interesting question

9. Ah shit, here we go again

10. There are a lot of baby men tbf

11. I could literally plan a better wedding in my sleep

12. It’s a common feeling

13. No other reminder necessary

14. Lolllll they must feel attacked

15. This is my FA Cup

16. It’s an actual addiction

17. I would have run away as soon as we turned into the farm

netflix don't tell the bride memes

18. Hahahhahaa so true

19. As if we needed another reason

20. There really must be a word for this chaos

21. SOS

22. It’s because they’re not rational x

23. Quite simply

24. It really is embarrassing fancying men at this point

25. Wait you don’t want a T-Rex at the wedding?

26. I’m out

27. Honestly what are straight people on?

28. Oh there’s a red flag, oh and another

29. Tbf I’d love chips and dip at my wedding

30. Say it louder for the people in the back

31. Can’t stop, won’t stop

32. And maybe a few Insta posts

33. I actually get so angry

34. Who wouldn’t love a hot tub themed wedding?

35. But it still really is the greatest show and I will continue to watch

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