Meet the partners of the Gogglebox cast you don’t get to see on TV

Can we all appreciate how cute Pete and his girlfriend are

The whole point of Gogglebox is getting an intimate look into the lives of families across Britain. The set up usually involves families, friends or partners, but not all the Gogglebox cast film the show with their partners. Like Lee and Jenny, they both have partners and yet neither of them wanted to be on the show so Lee and Jenny signed up together. And what a gift that has been for all of us.

But it’s only right that we get to know a little bit more about the other halves of our favourite Gogglebox cast mates. And honestly I would love to see some of their partners join the show. Tom Malone’s girlfriend is stunning and a recent grad, Baasat’s wife Melissa would be a solid fourth member of the Siddiqui family and I think we all need to see Lee’s partner Steve join the caravan with Jenny and Lee.

These are the Gogglebox partners you don’t get to see on the show:

Tom Malone Jr’s girlfriend Bryony Briscoe

via Instagram @tommalonejr

Right let’s just start by addressing how insanely fit Bryony is. It’s not known how long they’ve been together but they first started posting pictures together earlier this year.

Bryony just graduated uni with a 2:1 and according to her Instagram does modelling for makeup brands.

via Instagram @bryonybriscoe

Bryony was at the receiving end at some horrific racial abuse from comments on Tom’s TikTok videos.

Tom created a video to address the racist comments and urged people to report racist comments. Bryony addressed the comments on her own Instagram saying how tired she is of racism and how much it affects her mental health.

Ellie Warner’s boyfriend Nat

via Instagram @ellie__warner

Ok so we do kind of see Ellie’s boyfriend Nat on Gogglebox now because he’s taken Izzi’s place during lockdown. However there’s still a lot we don’t know about him.

Ellie and Nat have been together since at least 2018 as that was the first time she mentioned him.

via Instagram @ellie__warner

Nat lives with Ellie and they have two dogs together however Ellie doesn’t usually shares photos of him on her Instagram.

Izzi Warner’s boyfriend Grant

via Instagram @izziwarner

Izzi has been with Grant for a number of years and they have two children together. Their son Bobby is five-years-old and Izzi recently gave birth to their daughter Bessie in February.

via Instagram @izziwarner

Grant is clearly pretty private but does appear on Izzi’s Instagram occasionally when they take holidays together to Las Vegas or double dates with Ellie and Nat.

Baasit Siddiqui’s wife Melissa

via Twitter @melsiddiqui

Baasit has been married to Melissa for eight years and they have two children together including daughter Amelia, who occasionally appears on Gogglebox.

Melissa works as a co-owner of Enchanted Rose, which is a florist based in Derby.

Melissa is very active on Twitter and usually shares pictures of Baasit and Amelia, as well as the occasional throwback of her and Baasit.

Lee’s partner Steve

via Twitter @leegogglebox

Lee has been with his partner Steve for over 25 years and they’ve known each other longer than Jenny and Lee have known each other.

They call each other the “love of their life”, if that was any one else I’d find it utterly cringe but it’s Lee so I’m fine with it.

via Twitter @leegogglebox

According to his Twitter Steve currently lives in Cyprus, which means he and Lee are in a long distance relationship.

Evie Woerdenweber’s fiancé Alex

gogglebox partners

via Instagram @goggleboxgoth

Remember the days of Silent Jay? Well sadly he and Evie broke up years ago. Now though Evie is engaged to her boyfriend Alex.

The two have been dating for three years and Alex proposed to her in mid July.

gogglebox partners

via Instagram @goggleboxgoth

Evie occasionally shares selfies of her and Alex on her Instagram and pictures of them attending a 1940s festival.

Josh’s girlfriend Hannah

gogglebox partners

via Instagram @joshtapper

So sadly the Tapper family is no longer on Gogglebox but it’s nice to know that Josh is happy. Josh is currently dating Hannah Sterman and they’ve been dating for four years.

Hannah is 22-years-old and did a year abroad whilst studying at Leeds Uni.

gogglebox partners

via Instagram @joshtapper

Looking at both Josh and Hannah’s Instagrams they do a LOT of trips together. I’m talking Paris, Barcelona and celebrating her 21st birthday in Bali.

Pete’s girlfriend Paige

via Instagram @sandifordpete

Pete recently shared the first photo with his girlfriend Paige to his Instagram who he has been with for over a year.

In the post he called Paige his best friend and said his sister Sophie, who is also on Gogglebox, is a close second best friend. He wrote: “My Mrs and best mate what more could I ask for, don’t worry @sophiesandiford1 you are a close second best friend. This was taken last year FYI.”

Whilst most people were happy for Pete and Paige, Pete was unfortunately trolled by a few people who said he was punching.

via Instagram @sophiesandiford1

Sophie clearly approves of her brother’s girlfriend as she shared a selfie with Paige back in February this year and captioned it “love u” and tagged Paige in the photo.

Featured image credit: Instagram @tommalonejr, @sandifordpete

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