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Quiz: Which generation do you belong in, really?

Love brunches and avocados? That screams Millennial

These days you can’t move for people talking about the generations. It’s all Gen Z this, Millennials that and Ok, Boomer! But like, do any of us know what all this means, really? Do we actually know what our personalities say about what generation we are most suited to? No I hear you say? Well this generation quiz is about to make it all crystal clear.

Are you truly a youthful and fun Gen Z? Or are you more a woke and brunch addicted Millennial? God forbid you’re stuck in the time-warp of thinking like a Baby Boomer, or even just a bit behind the game in Gen X.

Take this quiz to find out which generation you should have truly been born in:

If for some reason you are going through a bit of an identity crisis and want more information about what it means to be in each generation category beyond this quiz, Generation HQ has all the details. 

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