21 tweets about Connell from Normal People that are so thirsty they’ve been put on an IV

I bet he smells good

Normal People landed on BBC3 this week and blindsided pretty much everyone that watched it. The Guardian rated it five stars. The Telegraph called it a “rare treat” and said the show is actually better than the book. Vulture called it an “honest, absorbing love story”. The critics love it. But the public – I suppose you could say, the normal people – have their eyes on something else. Connell, played by Paul Mescal, has won the hearts of the nation, including mine. I think he is five out of five stars. I think he is a rare treat. I think he is better than the book (because I can see him). I would let him absorb me.

And I’m not the only one. Twitter has been taken aback by the 24-year-old Trinity grad. He’s made people want to go back to writing fan fiction. To disguise themselves as his chain so they can rest on his big sexy neck. If you, like the rest of us, have watched Normal People and fallen in love with Connell, they want to make YouTube fanvids set to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Seven Things’.

If you too have fallen victim to the sheer sexiness of Connell Waldron, you will relate to these tweets so painfully that you’ll wish you could frame them. All we can hope is that Paul Mescal sees this and understands the power he wields. Without further ado, here’s a collection of the thirstiest and funniest reactions to Normal People’s Connell:

1. Put simply: The chain

2. His very existence is sexy

3. He’s so sexy and silent and sexy

4. Enemies to lovers trope. 4800 words. 18+ graphic sex scenes.

5. I feel this in my bones

6. I just want to hang! I swear!

7. I love his Big Aul Head and the neck that supports it

8. He’s bad at communication but he’s good at being a whole ass vibe

9. An understated top shagger

10. Could give ol’ T Chalamet a run for his money

11. Brb while I have a wee sob. It’s yearning hours guys.

12. We truly have no choice but to stan

13. Stamp on me Connell

14. The GAA shorts have to get a mention

15. I’m in the process of making it right now

16. I didn’t bring up his butt – you did

17. Mmmmm watchasay

I’d pay 1000 English pounds for someone to photoshop Marianne and Connell’s face on top of Andy Samberg and Bill Hader’s in the Hide and Seek SNL skit. Get in touch.

18. Is the point just that… he’s Irish? And also deeply attractive?

19. A realistic king

20. We can only dream

21. Me too, babe, me too

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