There’s now a load of Tiger King merch and I’m buying every single piece

Obviously getting the candle that smells like raw meat

We all know Joe Exotic is a fashion icon, those shiny shirts and the sleeveless cut off tops, what a man. Whilst it would be impossible for us to try and replicate his unique looks, because no one does it like Joe, we can get plenty of Tiger King merch.

Amazon and Redbubble are bursting with Tiger King T-shirts, tote bags, hats and a candle that’s meant to smell like raw meat. Yes please.

Obviously sales of cuddly toy tigers have boomed since the documentary came out on Netflix, but what we’re all here for is a tote bag calling Carole a Queen and an 80s inspired T-shirt of Joe.

Here is all the best Tiger King merch you can get your hands on:

80’s Inspired Joe Exotic T-shirt

via Amazon

This T-shirt is such a vibe and comes in 13 colours and I’m quite tempted to get one of each. They’re currently being sold on Amazon US for $4.99 – $25.11, depending on size.

Find the T-shirt here.

Joe Exotic for President Shower Curtain

Because who wouldn’t want to shower next to this slogan daily? The curtain is availble on Redbubble for £51.94. Find it here.

“Of course Carole did it” T-shirt

via Amazon

For those that believe Carole did it, get them this T-shirt on Amazon for £15.99. Find the T-shirt here. 

Make America Exotic Again Cap

via Amazon

Does this hat not look like it would have been sold in Brandy Melville? Anyway I love this cap and it comes in six other colours including beige, baby blue and camo, for a more zookeeper appropriate look.

The hat costs £20.90 on Amazon. Find it here.

Exotic Birthday Card

via Amazon

We all have a mate who is more Tiger King obsessed than the rest and this is the perfect way to celebrate their birthday. This card is available for £2.99 on Amazon.

Find it here.

Queen Carole Tote Bag

I don’t know about you, but I sure know what I’m using to carry my books to campus next term. Find this insane bag on Redbubble for £11.46 here.

Stay Exotic Notebook

This print is so cool, I’m obsessed and will be writing all my theories about Carole Baskin’s husband down in here. Find it on Redbubble for £10.79 here.

Joe Exotic Hoodie

This hoodie looks so comfy and is the perfect thing to curl up in when re-watching Tiger King. Find it on Redbubble for £36.38 here.

Tiger King Laptop Sleeve

Who wouldn’t want to keep their laptop safe in this case? I love his shirt in this as well, just saying. It’s available on Redbubble for £40.40.

Exotic Phone Case

If you didn’t want to be extremely obvious about your love of Tiger King, this phone case is pretty low key and it’s only £16.25 for an iPhone 11. Find it on Redbubble here.

Joe Mug

I will be drinking my morning coffee out of this mug for the foreseeable future. Find it on Redbubble for £10.50 here.

Joe Exotic Candle

via Amazon

Someone on Amazon US is selling a scented candle inspired by Joe. What’s it meant to smell like? I hear you eagerly ask, well fresh cut mullet, raw meat and AK-47s. Adds to cart.

Find it on Amazon for $20.00 here.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is available to watch on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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