The 16 bizarre questions Tiger King on Netflix leaves you with

Why was his husband topless the whole time?


If you’ve watched Tiger King on Netflix, you’re probably still wondering what the hell happened during those seven hours of your life. The documentary series really has everything and is a completely wild ride. After watching Tiger King, you definitely have a few crazy questions going through your head.

For example, is it normal to like Joe Exotic’s music this much? Why was John Finlay topless the entire time? And quite simply, what the hell did you just watch?!

Here are all the bizarre questions some of the best moments from Tiger King on Netflix definitely left us all with.

1. Firstly, what the fresh hell is all this?

This series honestly has it all. Murder, exotics animals, mullets, gay marriage, polygamy, an amputee and throw in some country music. Every five minutes during this documentary series you are asking yourself what the actual hell am I watching?!

2. Joe Exotic’s hair. Why?

I just want to know if Joe Exotic went to a hairdressers, asked for that hair cut and left thinking ‘yep, this is the one’.

Tiger King, questions, Netflix, moments, best, funniest, bizarre, Joe Exotic

This ain’t it

3. What is going on with Joe Exotic’s eyebrow ring?!

Equally as strange as his hair is Joe Exotic’s eyebrow ring. Seriously it is clutching on for dear life so hard that he must be in some sort of pain?

Tiger King, questions, Netflix, moments, best, funniest, bizarre, Joe Exotic, hair, eyebrow ring

4. Why is John Finlay topless the whole time?

Does he own any clothes? Was he requested to wear nothing? Is he cold?

Tiger King, questions, Netflix, moments, best, funniest, bizarre, John Finlay, topless, shirt

5. How is Carole Baskin any different to Joe Exotic and the others?

She’s out here moaning about exotic animals being kept in cages whilst posing in front of an exotic animal… in a cage. I struggle to see the difference but sure.

Tiger King, questions, Netflix, moments, best, funniest, bizarre, Carole Baskin

6. How does this woman just not remember getting implants?

So we meet this woman who used to work for Doc Antle at his zoo. She says that whilst she was working there she got implants, which she doesn’t remember. Excuse me, what?!

Tiger King, questions, Netflix, moments, best, funniest, bizarre, Doc Antle, worker


And I can’t even get a text back.

Tiger King, questions, Netflix, moments, best, funniest, bizarre, wedding, Joe Exotic, John, Travis

Side note: Is he wearing TWO belts??


Give me an entire documentary on the disappearance of Don Lewis. I must know if he’s been fed to the tigers or if he swanned off to Costa Rica and is now living it up with his other girlfriend. I NEED ANSWERS.

9. How dare they put Saff in front of the dump?!

As well as being misgendered throughout the entire series, Saff literally had half his arm ripped off by a tiger and is actually a decent person. Yet Netflix still has the audacity to sit him down and do the interview basically in a bin. SAFF DESERVES MORE.

Tiger King, questions, Netflix, moments, best, funniest, bizarre, Saff, dump, rubbish

10. How did Netflix find this many wild people for one doc?

I refuse to believe this many strange people with wild back stories and lives all know each other and have been found during this documentary by Netflix. Every time you think you’ve heard the weirdest thing yet, someone new pops in with another revelation. I’m shook to my very core.

11. What was going through Joe Exotic’s head when he spoke about his late husband’s balls at the funeral?

His mother was sat there. Is this normal?

Tiger King, questions, Netflix, moments, best, funniest, bizarre, funeral, Travis

12. Did Allen request to do his interview in the bath?

We are all aware by now that Allen Glover is not the most straight and narrow of people. I mean, he did pretty much agree to go and shoot someone for money. Now he’s conducting his entire interview in a bathtub. At this point I’m not entirely sure what I regard as strange anymore?

13. Am I weird for enjoying Joe Exotic’s music this much?

I Saw A Tiger is a bop. Change my mind.

14. Why was the James Garretson jet ski scene necessary?

It was only a matter of time before Eye Of The Tiger was played in this documentary and to be honest, I’m surprised it took this long. The moment came right near the end when James Garrestson appears on a jet ski. Why you ask? Why not?

15. How isn’t everyone involved in this documentary in jail?

Carole may or may not have killed her husband, Jeff Lowe apparently had something to do with the murder-for-hire, Allen Glover was going to drive and kill and woman and Doc Antle allegedly has a crematorium in his zoo. LOCK. THESE. PEOPLE. UP.

16. Why does a tiny part of me feel sorry for Joe Exotic?

Right at the end it seems like everyone was prepared to throw Joe Exotic under the bus. Yes, he is definitely no angel but by the end is it just me that can’t help but feel a little bit bad for him?

Wow, we need help.

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