You’re not a bambino if you can’t get 13/15 on this Friday Night Dinner quiz

‘Oh, be spatially aware!’


Hello bambinos! Yes, that’s right, Friday Night Dinner is BACK on our screens! The long-awaited return of the beloved British sitcom is finally here, and if new Friday Night Dinner can’t banish those lockdown blues, then nothing will.

But it’s been a long time since series five aired, and some of clearly haven’t put the hours in to revise the rest of the show before series six begins this evening – what on Earth have you been doing with your time?

We’ve all been there; you’re struggling to find something new to watch, and you can’t be bothered to watch something too heavy and dramatic. You want something to make you smile, without being too ridiculous. Sod it, you can’t find anything new. Ah well, what’s there to pick up the pieces? Old faithful: Friday Night Dinner.

Anyway, all those hours of rewatching everyone’s favourite sitcom have finally paid off, because here it is: The ultimate Friday Night Dinner quiz! And let’s face it, if you don’t get AT LEAST 13/15 then are you even a bambino?

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