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The Russell Group unis with the most overcrowded lectures, called out

The more the merrier! Only joking, you’re cancelled if your staff/student ratio is over 14.5

Lectures are never actually overcrowded. That's the joke. You've never gone to a seminar and thought: "Wow, sure are loads of people here".

In a way, therefore, these statistics are entirely hypothetical. But, say everyone were to actually go to their lectures. Then we've got stats on which unis are really spreading their staff thin.

The Guardian's University Rankings compare universities on their staff-to-student ratios. We've ranked the Russell Group to find out who has the most overcrowded lectures and seminars.

At the top of the table is Exeter, with 15.9 students per staff member. It's a statistic so galling that staff members must choose whether to fight 15.9 duck-sized undergrads or one undergrad-sized duck.

Surprisingly, LSE and UCL are better than Cambridge when it comes to this ranking.

But the luckiest of the bunch are Oxford students. With one staff member for every 10 of them, they're lavished with the attention their parents denied them by packing them off to boarding school.

Check out the full ranking below:

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