How much unis actually spend teaching each subject, revealed

Everyone’s always banging on about sciences costing more

Some degrees cost unis more than twice as much to teach as others, new stats have revealed.

Veterinary and Dentistry students are having £20k a year splashed on them, whilst History, Economics, and Sociology students are getting by with £9k a year being spent on their education.

It's a debate which always rages, and now there are figures to back it up. We've been deep in government figures, and found out where they calculate how much unis spend on average teaching each degree.

Politics, Law, and Philopsophy also cost unis relatively little to teach. Meanwhile, Science students can rest safe in the knowledge that unis are investing heavily in their labs.

Check out whether you're getting a good deal below and find out how much unis are spending per student on each subject:

Source: Department for Education, Estimated average full teaching cost for an OfS funded FTE student for 2018/19

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