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Missguided is selling a £1 bikini because screw the environment!

It sells out within 45 minutes of each restock

Good morning to everyone but Missguided, which is now selling a £1 bikini no one asked for, to "celebrate 10 years of empowering women."

Because you know, our planet is definitely not dying! And fast fashion is definitely not contributing to that! And using feminism as a way to sell your products is not messed up at all!

The black bikini set is made up of a triangle bikini top and tie bikini bottoms. The material is 85 per cent polyester and 15 per cent elastane. It costs £1 and is non-refundable. The bikini is available in sizes 4-24.

Some people really love the bikini:

But most are quickly calling out the company for promoting fast fashion:

Missguided released a statement about the £1 bikini after media backlash: "We launched the £1 bikini as a promotional item to celebrate 10 years of empowering women to look and feel good without breaking the bank.

"It cost us more to produce than £1 and we're absorbing the costs so we can offer it at an incredible price as a gift to our customers. There has been no compromise with this bikini – it is sourced to the same high standards as all of our other products."

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This news comes just after the government has rejected plans for a 1p fashion tax, which would help clean up the huge environmental impact of fast fashion. In the UK alone, 300,000 tonnes of clothing is either burned or buried each year.

Even worse, British consumers buy way more new clothes than any other European country, roughly twice as much as in Germany and Italy.

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