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Oxford professor says Cambridge Uni discriminates against white, conservative men

He says ‘woke’ people get away with saying what they like

A professor at Oxford University has said Cambridge University discriminates against white, conservative men.

Professor Nigel Biggar has claimed that whilst women and 'woke' individuals can get away with making controversial statements, white men are scrutinised when they express similar opinions.

He said: "If you're non-white, female and aggressively 'woke', then you'll be accorded maximal benefit of doubt…and let free to spit hatred and contempt on social media.

"However, if you're white, male, culturally conservative, and given to expressing reasoned doubt about prevailing mores, you'll be given no benefit of the doubt at all".

Professor Nigel Biggar, who teaches Theology at Oxford, wrote these claims in the Oxford Magazine stating Cambridge "does in fact discriminate on the unjustifiable grounds of race, gender, and above all morals and politics".

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Professor Jordan Peterson

In his article he highlights the treatment of Professor Jordan Peterson – an academic at Cambridge whose visiting fellowship at the university was revoked after a series of controversial statements were made.

Biggar claim's that this treatment of Peterson was “grossly discourteous” and “humiliating” for the universities reputation.

Peterson's statements included arguing for forced monogamy, claiming that men are the real victims of gender discrimination and the concept of white privilege is in fact a "Marxist lie." After these statements were made students protested to have the Canadian professor's fellowship revoked.

Biggar compares Peterson's treatment with criticism of his own social media project, Ethics and Empire.

In the article he compares the treatment of his own feud with Cambridge lecturer Dr Priyamvada Gopal. Gopal previously claimed Biggar's project was "a ‘dispassionate’ examination of the British imperial project." Oxford University stood by Gopal's rights to make such remarks about Biggar's project.

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Prof Biggar talking about the changes at British universities

Biggar claims it is discriminatory that Peterson was excluded from Cambridge due to his remarks, but Gopal is allowed to make such comments and remain a faculty member.

Yet, unlike Cambridge University who revoked Peterson's association with the university, Oxford and Cambridge University stood by Gopal's rights to make such remarks about Biggar's project.

Biggar compares these two situations, stating this exemplifies how Cambridge discriminates against the white, conservative male.

A Cambridge University spokesman has said: "We recognise Nigel Biggar's right to hold views on Cambridge in relation to discrimination against white, male, conservative men, which are claims which we refute utterly."

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