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This is how Instagram ranks suggested people in search

Finally an answer to why your ex is always up there

Realistically you only ever use the search option on Instagram to 1) look up the guy you may or may not have got with the other night 2) keep up with the latest Kardashian drama or 3) stalk the ex for probably the 100th time after hearing he’s moved on. So why is it that some rando girl is popping up on suggested – someone you've barely engaged with and don't really know? How does Instagram search suggestions work? How does insta rank suggested people in search?

Many things remain oh so mysterious about Insta, like how the views on your story are ranked,  how to get a blue tickand how to view someone's story without them seeing. But don’t worry we’ve solved this one; here is how Instagram have been ranking your suggested people in search.

It’s all down to your recent activity

Not the biggest shock ever but it is mainly down to who and how many times you’ve searched someone. If you’re looking up Kim K five times a day she’s probably going to take top spot on your suggested. Although, Instagram’s algorithm does take into account who you’ve been liking and commenting on recently as well as your past post locations. People may also pop up if their content is very similar to what you’ve been loving lately.

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Why are these people coming up??

So why are random people up there too?

However, all that doesn’t explain why your ex-BFF Becky from Year 9 is featuring on your suggested when you haven’t searched her up or liked any of her pics lately. If you’ve connected your Instagram account with your Facebook it could be down to the fact you follow a certain percentage of their friends or vice versa and Facebook think it’s time for a reunion. This also applies if you’ve hooked up your phone contacts with your account.

How to delete people from your suggested

Whether it’s because your friend is demanding to check that you haven’t been looking up your ex after you swore you’re so over him or you actually are over him and don’t want the reminder, there’s a simple way to delete them off your suggested.

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Easy peasy, right?

Simply click the little cross to the right of their name and they’re gone. Although this doesn’t mean you’ll never see their content ever again or that Instagram will forget how much you’ve looked them up anytime soon. Unfortunately the same doesn’t apply to our “recent” searches – fingers crossed Insta gets the memo and fixes that.

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