Trash Gossip Column: WE FOUND Laura’s audition tape for Love Island and Dr Alex meets with Jamie Oliver?!

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Dr Alex has just had a meeting with the most hated man in Britain – Jamie Oliver

Who knows what monstrosity could be the result from this meeting. Are they going to join forces and ban everything that could be construed as fun?

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Dr Alex George has a Facebook page now and it only has 1,507 followers

Looks like he couldn't get his 1.4m followers from Instagram to support his just Facebook cause.

Welcome to my Facebook!

Welcome to my Facebook ? I'm really excited that I'm going to be using this platform to talk to you about your health, comment below with any topics you would like me to tackle! ?‍⚕

Posted by Dr Alex George on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Are Megan and Wes on the rocks?! Megan reveals the struggles in their relationship

Talking to the Mirror Online at the Animal Hero Awards, she said: "You have struggles because you're barely together and then when we are it's two hours here, three hours there and then he's running away to do a PA.

"So it's difficult but I think we're very honest with each other. When we feel like we need to spend more time with each other we'll do it."

Megan wears "Stop Valuing Women Based On Their Sexual History" T-shirt in an interview with Piers Morgan

Hitting back at the critics, she said on Good Morning Britain: "I think it's really unfair and an old fashioned way to look at it towards someone who has worked in the sex industry or glamour modelling.

"It's 2018 – if women want to do what they want with their body it shouldn’t be looked down on. I slept with people on TV and people want me to be ashamed of it. Adam did it." Honestly, she is iconic.

She's also denied having any more surgery since leaving the villa

But what about fillers? ?

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We found Laura's audition tape for Love Island!!!

One question: Why can't she control her limbs?

Laura's audition tape

Here's Old Laura's audition tape and tbh I would absolutely pick her:

Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Friday, September 7, 2018

You can stop worrying, Paul has made a return from Burning Man festival

And yes after going through all the different emotions, he has found himself.

Zoella watch out, Charlie Brake is about to start vlogging

The ex-Islander has been asking his Instagram followers for recommendations on a vlog camera. Can't wait.

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Charlotte Crosby addresses the people talking about her "plumped up lips"

In an Instagram post she put up yesterday, she commented: "And before you all start complaining about MY LIPS! Yes they are big, that's how I like them and they look great around my BOYFRIENDS DICK so bore off with your predictable comments." Who said romance was dead? FYI, this is what she looked like before all the fillers.

Caroline Flack and Iain Stirling have been invited to Olivia Buckland's wedding

Speaking to the Daily Mail Online, Olivia revealed: "Iain is coming to the day, and Caroline is invited to the evening – hopefully they come!"

Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams have had a baby boy

He wrote: "This morning at 3:55am, we welcomed our son into a quiet London hospital… He is beautiful and healthy. We feel truly blessed. Couldn’t be more proud of @voguewilliams" in a post two days ago.

Dani Dyer's granddad's Instagram needs to be stopped


Laura Crane reveals she knew Jamie Laing before she went on Love Island

On Jamie's podcast "Private Parts" the pair reveal they knew one another long before Love Island. They've also some videos for Jamie's YouTube channel in the past.

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