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Girls told us the creepiest things guys have whispered in their ears

Honestly, you’re all SICK


A lot of guys seem to think that whispering in a girl's ear is sexy and will get them laid in less than 10 minutes. All because they saw Bradley Cooper do it in a film.

But guess what? You're not Bradley Cooper and the reality is, it's 3am, we're in a sweaty club and you weren't the person I actually wanted to get with. I have some news for you, whispering in a girl's ear is at best a bit weird and at worst – fucking creepy.

The real truth is – it doesn't work. Most of the time, when boys whisper in a girl's ear, they misjudge the vibe dramatically. So if you're thinking of doing it, just don't.

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We spoke to the girls who have been through this horrible ordeal and they told us their shocking stories:

Lucy, 23, London

I was in a lift with some random guy and he leaned in and said: "your hair smells fruity." Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

Grace, 26, London

I was at a party and there was this very strange guy I’d met a few times there – he’d made it very clear that he’d like to be in my space all night and popped up where-ever he could, usually making a weird comment about how lovely the colour of my dress was.

When it came to his tenth round of unsuccessful flirting, I wasn’t even really talking to him. He came up to me and whispered: “wait there a second, I’m just nipping to the toilet. When get back I’m going to kiss you.” I replied “No you won’t.”

Georgia, 21, Reading

I get creepy comments from guys when I’m out because of my height sometimes, I'm 6 ft. One time a guy whispered “everyone’s the same height laying down” and then winked at me like he thought that would get him anywhere.

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Roxy, 25, London

My friend was getting with a guy, and then he turned around to my other friend and whispered: "That could have been you."

Noor, 22, Exeter

I was once at this party and a guy I used to date was getting with another girl. I was totally cool with it because I ended it and he was a bit weird in the bedroom, so I deliberately kept my distance. I think we exchanged three words all night. They started getting with other quite aggressively and then both came and sat next to me on sofa so I couldn't escape.

He then leaned into me, with the most dead pan face, and said "we're going back to mine to have sex and we would like *you* to join us for a threesome". Despite being totally flattered to be their chosen one and hugely grateful for the opportunity I politely declined and walked away.

Annabel, 22, London

I went on a date with this guy from Tinder a few years ago and I met him at a tube station. He was a bit weird and honestly not my type. We got on the tube, but then he hopped on a carriage and the doors closed, leaving me on a platform. That should have been my chance to leave, but no, for some reason I decided to get on the next tube and meet him there. He then took me to a park, making me wait outside M&S on the way so he could get himself a sandwich. And we sat on a park bench while he lectured me for 30 minutes about how shit my job is.

Then I happened to bump into him again at a festival half a year later, and he was all like: "Oh my God, what went wrong with us? We had such a good thing going" and I was like "urm not really, please leave me alone. Then he proceeds to whisper in my ear: "Ever since we met I've been wondering if you were a good kisser or not."

He thought I'd fall for it and kiss him to prove him wrong, but frankly I was disgusted.

Camilla, 19, Glasgow

Once on a night out I was chatting to a guy and he lent in and whispered “are you on contraception?” Pretty much sums up my uni to be honest.

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Eulalie, 19, Essex

So there was a guy that really liked me and it's sad because the feeling was unrequited. He spent the past couple of weeks trying to “woo” me or whatever you want to call it. We were in the middle of mass when he leans over and whispers in my ear “Do you think the Devil is here?” which is like the weirdest thing to say in the middle of mass to a girl that you like. So weird.

Robyn, 20, Leeds

A few weeks ago, I was chatting to guy I used to talk to, who now has a girlfriend. He’s a complete twat who’s been messing both of us around for months now. Midway through this very public discussion he leans in and whispers, all cheeky, "why am I so turned on right now?’"

Like, I dunno babe, you might wanna get that checked out.

Hayley, 21, Birmingham

Can someone please explain to me why when you enter a club or bar situation, some boys think it’s acceptable to get all up in your personal space and whisper stuff to you??

First up – whispering in someone’s ear is all a bit weird. Like this one time in a club when a guy I hadn’t seen in years thought it was okay to tell me “I’d grown boobs since school”.

Like, yeah I have gone up a cup size but don’t be a creep. Or another that proceeded to tell me I “didn’t know what he’d do right now if he didn’t have a girlfriend”. Thank you, I’m leaving now.