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Love Island 2018 applications are now open

Can I apply more than once???

2018 is off to a good start as applications for this year's Love Island are now officially open.

Over 60,000 people have already applied to be on the show, with the hope of being the next Jamilla or Muggy Mike.

If you want to spend 10 weeks in a villa to find the love of your life, call people a mug and probably have sex on TV whilst your parents watch at home, you can apply here.

Entrants must submit a home-made video on why they would make a good housemate, as well as a head shot and full-profile photo.

Contestants from series three, such as Amber, Gabby and Montana, have all landed themselves major sponsored content deals, such as clothing lines. Others, like Alex, have found themselves doing Poundland meet and greets.

Applications close April 30th.