How Gemma Collins would react if she was forced to go to your uni, as told through iconic pictures of her

Oxbridge is obviously Gemma with the pony

As the Queen of reality TV, Gemma Collins has graced our screens for almost a decade with her facial expressions, beef and well earned divaship.

After some in depth research into the life and many expressions of the GC (thanks to the mass amount of memes and GIFs around), we uncovered how Gemma Collins would react if she was forced to go to your uni.

Oxbridge – 'Shetland Pony' Gemma

Since your time at Oxford or Cambridge, you've probably joined every society that exists to ensure your CV is ready for the corporate world. Just like Gemma, you signed up to pony trotting club right away when you realised it would remind you of your Shetland at home, Horatio II.

Oxford Brookes – 'Dictionary loving' Gemma

Brookes don't have the best general knowledge. Nor do they know much about the city their uni is in, apart from the fact it's written on the front of the English Dictionary.

Manchester – 'The life and soul of the smoking area' Gemma

The Manchester look channels casual and effortlessly cool. Freshers learn to leave all their nice clothes at home, swapping them for multiple oversized tees and a good quality puffer jacket – probably from North Face. Coats are a vital part of Manchester life, mainly because you spend most of it outside house parties smoking rollies.

Durham – 'Pointing' Gemma

You're seething about the fact you got rejected from Oxbridge, and whenever you make a trip back down to the Home Counties you're constantly reminded of this.

You drive past, pointing out a life that could've been possible if you'd just scraped that A* in GCSE Latin to make you stand out from the crowd. Either way, you can still enjoy wearing dinner suits and tweed 90 per cent of the time around campus.

Cardiff – 'Stuck under an umbrella' Gemma

It rains a lot in Cardiff, so an umbrella has to be carried around at all times. Anyone at the uni will understand the look of sheer desperation on Gemma's face, bringing back memories of being stuck in the Revs queue for half an hour during a mini hurricane.

University of the Arts London – 'Paint me like one of your French girls' Gemma

Let's just hope your artwork is better than this masterpiece of Gemma.

Liverpool – 'Fresh blow dry' Gemma

There's a 99.9 per cent chance that if you go to Liverpool, you'd sacrifice having hot water if it meant being able to have a blow dry. After all, you need to look your best whilst dancing the night away at Levels, even if you are grimacing with pain from your six inch heels.

John Moores – 'Flat blow dry' Gemma

You may not carry the same prestige as the Uni of Liverpool, however you definitely beat it in the fake tan ranks. Nonetheless, you're still the second best version of Liverpool, just like Gemma's flat hair in comparison to her blow dry.

UWE – 'Emotional DJ' Gemma

Here's a song for all my people out there

As Bristol's edgier cousin, the UWE lot party hard, and will definitely turn into massive house heads after a week of being at Lakota five nights on the trot.

Because of this, they're bound to get a Soundcloud account and claim Four Tet is "too mainstream", as they try and make it as a wannabe DJ whose only venue is a grotty house party.

St Andrews – 'Brunette Kate Middleton doppelganger' Gemma

Many fantasise about St Andrews, and attend in the hope of meeting their prince one day, just like a young Kate Middleton did.

In reality though, you dread moving up to Scotland and living on a campus in the middle of nowhere. Your face probably resembles Gemma's above, when you realise the nearest shop, and any form of life, is 500 miles away.

York – 'Not impressed' Gemma

This was your face when you realised York is dead. You knew York was high up in the league tables and instantly applied when you saw it was part of the Russell Group.

However, you didn't realise the clubs were the size of a two-up-two-down, or that the main attraction is a cathedral – not impressed.

Queen Mary University London – 'Putting everyone in their place' Gemma

It's a bit confusing why they're in the Russell Group but they are – they've earned their divaship.

Swansea – 'Absolutely disgusted' Gemma

Swansea may be the second biggest city in South Wales, but in reality you wish you were in Cardiff, especially because your main building looks like a warehouse. On your first day at uni, you probably pulled a disgusted face like Gemma's at the sight of said building.

Heriot-Watt – 'Lord help me' Gemma

Does anyone know Watt this is? Either way, you're probably praying that you can get a job once you graduate, seeing as employers will probably think you made up where you got your degree from.

Leeds – 'Don't talk to me I'm hungover' Gemma

Leeds is a fine uni and the city is nice, but it's the nightlife which makes it a great place to live. So much so that everyone become total sesh heads, waking up most mornings with banging hangovers. Gemma's get-up can probably be found in Canal Mills also.

Loughborough – 'Shoulder pad NGB' Gemma

No one at Loughborough actually cares about their degree, they just want to play sport. And they don't want you to forget just how sporty they are. All the lacrosse girls and rugby lads regularly hit the gym, and come out with shoulders as hench as Gemma Collins' in that famous orange dress.

Nottingham Trent – 'Party all night' Gemma

If you go to Nottingham and aren't part of the Trent army, are you even having a good time? Trent party hard all year round, regularly parading the streets in fancy dress and fluorescent face paint. If you aren't going out out, you'll probs be in Spoons with a cocktail pitcher.

Bath Spa – 'Omg he's bringing me champagne' Gemma

You applied to the Uni of Bath expecting three years of studying at a semi-prestigious uni in a beaut city, however you didn't quite make the cut. Just like Gemma, when she expected the champagne off Mick and a declaration of his love for her, but didn't receive any offers.

UCL – 'Where do you expect me to find the money for that' Gemma

Dreams of living in the big smoke where alive and well when you got into UCL, however these have been crushed by the pricey rent and living costs. Every time someone asks you to come on a night out, you stare at them with a "why are you even asking me, do I look like I can afford it?", look.

Bristol – 'Rebel' Gemma

Bristol was probably your insurance choice just behind Oxford, however you constantly reassure yourself that going to Bristol has worked out for the best, as it's allowed you to rebel from your sheltered private school upbringing.

You can now get as lairy as you want on nights out, without the fear of someone telling Daddy. Although, you probably won't be recognised anyway in your oversized jumper, bindi and flares, a drastic change from your normal preppy attire.

Birmingham – 'Roadman' Gemma

You may have picked a decent university within the heart of England, however you've probably realised by now that Brum isn't that great. Three years will be spent being bored of The Bullring, Snobs and Pryzm, and never wanting to hear the accent again once you've graduated.

Unfortunately, Ugg boots and puffer jackets are still a thing in Brum too. But that's cool if you want to rock 'Big Brotheresque', roadman Gemma vibes.

Lincoln – 'Biting tongue' Gemma

You have to bite your tongue whenever you hear anyone slate Lincoln, which is all the time. Let's be honest, you only went there because they gave you an unconditional offer.