How Gemma Collins became the most iconic TV star of our time: An investigation

God save the Queen

Guys, something amazing has happened. GC has finally got the recognition she deserves, even if it is for being a meme. Somehow everything she does turns to gold. People are even comparing her success to that of Princess Diana's and saying that she should be on on the £10 note.

Very few reality TV stars have a long shelf-life. Gemma Collins however, has risen from the reality TV ashes – unlike anyone that's ever lived. The fact that it's difficult to even think of another celeb like her proves just how iconic she has become.

I challenge you to name someone else who has been this classic on reality TV and gone on the national news to campaign for an important cause, all whilst running a successful business in the last few years. Also, I don't know about you but I'm living my life vicariously through her Snapchat.

But her meme queen status wasn't achieved overnight. Don't forget that she worked really hard to earn her divaship.

It's hard to pinpoint her rise to fame exactly but let me take you on a journey my friend.

Firstly she dragged Arg for calling her fat on that TOWIE episode

Ahh where it all began. She was born in Romford, Essex, which is the origin of her humble beginnings. Gemma worked as a car-saleswoman when she was asked to be on TOWIE. But fast forward a couple of years and she started seeing Arg. He dumped her because of her "slow metabolism" and was caught saying mean things behind her weight.

As if Gemma was going to have any of it. So she showed him up in Marbs for disrespecting her and left him standing there like a mug.

Then she went on national television and petitioned to get Essex Girl out of the dictionary

But it's what happened in her formative years that really propelled her career. Then there was that time she went on Sky News and said she was a fan of the dictionary. According to Gem, we should be promoting the dictionary because it's "an amazing historical British thing", ded.

I'm A Celeb part one

Gemma only lasted three days before she finally walked out of the jungle. And it's not hard to imagine why, considering she couldn't fly on the helicopter to the island without having a violent panic attack.

She got off the helicopter and reminded everyone that "some people need breaking in gently." She said "it's like the turtle or the slug, the slowest one won in the end."

I'm A Celeb part two

Gemma left because she "needed to look after number one." Herself.

Her time on Celebrity Big Brother. All of it.

Gemma would refuse to play any games on Big Brother and chose a blow-dry over a food shop for the house.

She howled in the diary room over the fact that there weren't any heated rollers in the house and convinced the nation she was pregnant. She wasn't.

And then there was that time she thought she saw a ghost in the mirror and was fully ready to leave the Big Brother house through the fire door.

Then she promoted a Thomas Cook beauty kit and forgot to end the video

Gemma's promotion for the Thomas Cook beauty kit went viral because she just didn't end the video. Instead, there is an awkward six second pause of her smiling at the camera and it's amazing because she doesn't even seem to care. I LOVE IT.


As one of the original TOWIE cast members, Gemma clashed with almost everyone on the show, aside from her side-kick Bobby. Oh wait, no that happened too.

The most memorable moment however, was when she dragged Ferne with her divaship when she came to "clear the air."

Gemma pronounces memes as MEHMAYS so that's how we're saying it from now on

Gemma knows everyone is currently obsessed with her memes. But the best thing about it? She pronounced memes as mehmays, so that's another change she'll be petitioning to make in the dictionary.

She might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's undeniable that she's a meme queen and no one wears that crown better than her.