Hang on, what is going on with Camilla and Jamie right now?!

They are goals

Usually ex-Love Islanders use their short term fame for Instagram promotions or doing meet and greets in Poundland, raking in money in any way that they can.

But, Camilla and Jamie have used their popularity to promote a humanitarian mission, which aims to help homeless refugees in Greece. Is anyone even surprised?

We fell in love with them as soon as they both realised they loved 'Sapiens' on their first date. And since that slow dance on the Spanish mountain top with the live music in the background, they've held a special place in the nation's hearts.

Jamie and Camilla documented their trip in Thessaloniki two weeks ago. While they were there, they helped out with making food in refugee camps and listened to the stories of those who risked their lives by making the difficult trip overseas.

And people are fully here for it, appreciating the fact that Cam and Jamie are out there raising awareness for those in need.