Hang on, what is going on with Camilla and Jamie right now?!

They are goals

Usually ex-Love Islanders use their short term fame for Instagram promotions or doing meet and greets in Poundland, raking in money in any way that they can.

But, Camilla and Jamie have used their popularity to promote a humanitarian mission, which aims to help homeless refugees in Greece. Is anyone even surprised?

We fell in love with them as soon as they both realised they loved 'Sapiens' on their first date. And since that slow dance on the Spanish mountain top with the live music in the background, they've held a special place in the nation's hearts.

Jamie and Camilla documented their trip in Thessaloniki two weeks ago. While they were there, they helped out with making food in refugee camps and listened to the stories of those who risked their lives by making the difficult trip overseas.

Yesterday @indigovolunteers arranged for us to join @intervolvegr volunteers at Larissa camp. While I was in one of the communal areas, two teenage girls came in to chat and play music. Amongst other songs they played Despacito and as happy a moment as it was, it was also a stark reminder that the people affected by this crisis are you and I born in another place at another time. These young ladies won't go out with their friends to see a film tonight, they won't be able to go to the shops this weekend – they will go back to their makeshift home in a container, a home that was meant to be temporary but is starting to feel scarily permanent. It was the saddest happy day, watching the children enjoying Jamie's obstacle course, knowing that instead of a life full of the chances they deserve, they will wake up to the same day in the same place for who knows how long. They have already experienced immense hardship back home and on their travels, and now they continue to be affected by the traumatising reality of feeling stuck in a place with no hope. It is organisations like InterVolve that are providing activities and services that bring hope, dignity and purpose to individuals that should never had these basic rights taken from them. A lot of the incredible volunteers we met through the day originally came for a few weeks and have ended up staying months. They chose to open their eyes to what is happening here, and I have the utmost respect for their tireless work day in day out to make a very real difference. Many of the grassroots organisations here (including InterVolve) receive their funding from @helprefugeesuk, and without them so many crucial projects would not take place. If you wish to support them and #chooselove, please go to @asos where you can buy a #chooselove t-shirt – all proceeds go towards helping refugees across Europe and in the Middle East. #indigovolunteers #chooselove #HelpRefugeesUK

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And people are fully here for it, appreciating the fact that Cam and Jamie are out there raising awareness for those in need.