We spoke to the guy who went viral when he took his laptop to the club to submit an assignment one minute before deadline

A true hero of our times

Look, the word legend is thrown around a lot these days, and in many ways that means it’s lost its true meaning. But its true meaning is truly exemplified in Lawrence Kemp.

You may not know his name, but you may have seen his work. Lawrence is having a moment right now because of a video of him posted by friend Danny Cotter which has made him a true inspiration to us all. The Snapchat starts with Lawrence stuck in his room doing a last minute essay and missing pre-drinks, and ends with him taking his laptop to the club to submit the assignment one minute before deadline, while pissed.

Honestly it’s too good to explain without seeing it so just watch it here.

Lawrence, who studies Business Management at University of Gloucestershire, says it’s fairly atypical of how he treats his degree. He told The Tab: “Believe it or not I’m actually having a really good uni year. I’ve got firsts or 2:1 in every assignment this year, it’s I’ve just had a lot on this month. I usually hate leaving it to last minute, but Wednesday night is student night in Cheltenham, so I had to do bit of a juggling job with assignment and social life on that occasion.”

The video was originally taken by Lawrence’s friend Danny, who didn’t think a lot of it. But another of their friends found it hilarious, made it a compilation video and posted it on Facebook. Before the boys knew it it was being shared by people from all around the country, and then globally.

The video has since been picked up by so many news outlets it’s had millions of views, so obviously he’s kind of worried his tutor will end up seeing the lengths he went to to submit the work. He says: “I’m naturally a little worried, because I don’t want to be labelled a bad student. However, they can only grade my work not my method. And as I’m happy with what I’ve done I’m confident it won’t be a problem.”

Unfortunately, despite what his mate tells him in the video, Lawrence was unable to use the club wi-fi to submit his work and had to rely on hotspotting from his phone. Luckily though he had a friend who worked at the cloakroom of MooMoo’s Cheltenham and was able to stash his MacBook away for the rest of the night to celebrate.

Oh, and he gets the results of the assignment tomorrow. Lawrence says: “I get my grade back tomorrow, and I’m actually fairly confident despite the conditions I did it in.”

So fingers crossed.