White backpackers are begging for money to ‘support’ their trips around SE Asia

Seems reasonable

Several white tourists have been photographed begging for money in Southeast Asia. The down-and-outs were spotted suffering at a bus station – two selling postcards, the other group playing a guitar and harmonica. Their sign reads: “Please support our trip around the world.”

Unsurprisingly, locals were pretty pissed off. One took to Facebook to simply write “Absolute twats.” Another said: “I hate backpackers. I can’t stand this kind of people.”

Four different backpackers were seen at Tampines bus interchange in Singapore by Maisarah AS, 31, who posted their photos on her Twitter @sarahcoldheart last Tuesday. The postcard peddlers appeared to be selling their own photographs and had set up shop on a mat – posing next to their pictures and DSLR camera. The musicians played covers of Guns ‘N’ Roses and Pink Floyd.

It is, however, illegal to busk in Singapore without a license. First you have to audition with the National Arts Council and get a busking card, allowing you to perform in public. Only foreigners on employment passes staying in Singapore are eligible for the busking scheme. They also require permission from the most excellently named Ministry of Manpower.

Sarah assumed that this wasn’t the case, and reported the rolling stones to the police.

Speaking to The Tab she said: “Mostly I was confused. This area is full of buskers usually, it’s Tampines interchange. It’s just very weird they’re there doing it without a licence when everyone else has one.

“They just randomly set up where they thought there were people. Most licensed buskers are outside the station – the area they took up was more in front of closed shops, inside.

“It’s unusual to see tourists doing this.”

This kind of behaviour is far more common in neighbouring Malaysia and Thailand. One Hong Kong native was incensed to see it happening in her city, saying: “Check your entitlement at Immigration and don’t lay claim to space and resources that aren’t, weren’t, and never will be yours.”