Don’t click on this. But if you want to, it’s the clubbers of the week

It’s our Halloween special

Ever since you dressed up as Harambe, Harley Quinn, chavs or even a few people on a roller coaster last weekend for Halloween, you’ve been waiting for this moment. The moment you could be immortalised for your outlandish efforts in our spookiest clubbers of the week.

Well sorry, but some of you looked ridiculous so here’s the best and the worst.

Most proud of his last minute costume

He’ll chat you up by saying he’s fined you then kick you out at 8am

Who ordered a legend?

No collar and no hands, get this on your Tinder

When flicking your hair for a club pic blinds the other people around you

She’s probably blind now thanks to you

Quickest outfit change of the week

That’s a nice wig

Just try to figure out what’s going on here

It’s been six days and we still don’t know

Babe I forgot my costume, what do I do?

It’s fine just don’t get photographed

Yeah that’s my girlfriend’s belly button you’re eating there mate

Samantha, really? He’s got a man bun!

Freshers this is what you look like to third years

But they’ll still flirt with you

Not the most conventional Pinocchio costume

For fuck’s sake Dave put it down

We’re honoured you did this

Bit cocky though

My balls are this small

Nothing will make them great again

Worst game of odds of the week

You only gave her 8/1

He’s just posing to make his ex jealous

Girls man, girls