What’s the most attractive girls’ name?

Let’s be honest, it’s probably Barb

Last week, thousands of you voted for the most attractive boys’ name. Now, before we reveal the winner, it’s the girls’ turn.

So what will it be. Hillary? Theresa? Mel or Sue? It’s a serious question – so cast your vote carefully.


There are a lot of tomboy stereotypes associated with Alex as a girls’ name, and a lot of them are true: she could probably beat you in an armwrestle, yes, and she can definitely bolt a pint faster than you.

Still, she does them all with ladylike grace, and probably even burps in an adorable accent. Have you heard Alex Jones speak?


She always gets to dress up as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween, and there’s something terminally sweet about her. The name Alice makes you think of nursery rhymes, baby blue, alice bands.

She’s sweetness light and perfection (unless she’s called Ali. Ali is dangerous and not sweet like Alice).



Sure, you’re probably picturing the Keys variety, but there’s so much more to your average Alicia. That said, most of them are strong-willed and hot-headed and will probably write angry songs about you, so she gets that much right.


What’s Amber that isn’t pleasant? Glowing caramel eyes; gorgeous flaxen hair; that waxy stuff the mosquitoes were fossilised in in the Jurassic Park films. Amber the girl is much like Amber the colour: radiant, fiery and full of warmth.


Amelia is probably like a flower. She’s enigmatic and lackadaisical, like the unfulfilled prospect of googling Amelia to find out if it’s a kind of flower.


All you want in life is someone you love as much as Jessie loves Andrea in Breaking Bad. But, you know, without that thing that happens happening.


Like Anna Kendrick or Anna from Frozen, Anna’s charm is in her absolutely adorkable sweetness. Sure, she might be clumsy and she might often put her foot in the mouth, but she’s always the one you want to end up with building a pillow fort or stuffing your faces with a family-sized portion of pizza.


Like the Spring month she’s named after, April is warm and bright and likely to bring a smile to your face. After all, here’s a reason you don’t meet a lot of girls called November or December, and that January didn’t make it onto this list. Sorry, January.


Because everyone was in love with the Little Mermaid at some point in their childhood.




It means “beautiful” in Italian, but you already knew that, didn’t you? It’s a no-brainer – the name itself literally tells you how fit they are.


Woollen throws, shadows dancing from the fireplace and a casserole slow cooked for seven hours on the AGA. This is the environment into which you and Bethany will settle, probably for a winter and maybe a spring. And maybe, if you’re really lucky, a lifetime.


Bianca is definitely the Queen Bee – mainly because her friends call her “B” – and it’s a position she takes extremely seriously.There’s a fire about her, and a feisty charm which shocks and enthrals you in equal parts.


Caitlin is a creative. Whether that means she plays the sitar in her spare time or she does henna tattoos for her friends or works freelance “in the media,” it doesn’t matter: she’d rather be in the outback, smoking peyote and telling you what your spirit animal is.




Like slipping on a catsuit, this name has double-edged benefits: smart and sophisticated when kept as is, saucy and debonair when shortened to Cat, Catherines have the best of both worlds.


Charlie? A barrel of laughs. Lottie? A country rose. Either way, you’ll want to introduce her to your mum and dad after the first date.


Daisy is sweet and lovely and is really nice to dogs.


Whether you’re a Danielle or a Daniella, one thing’s for sure: you’re an absolute firebrand and a stallion in the sack. Seriously, approach Dani with caution – you’ll be left with scratchmarks.


Not just reserved for wet-shirted Colin Firths and Hugh Grants, a small slice of Darcys are absolutely charming women. Darcy Bussell, for example.


It might sound old, but Edith is an old soul in a young body. She probably bakes, she probably has a lovely pixie cut, and she definitely knows how to let her metaphorical hair down when she has a glass or two of artisan gin.


Your average Eleanor has decorum, poise and class. She’s always been a hit with teachers, parents and grandparents alike – she’s just oozing charm. If they knew what she was like behind closed doors, they’d be appalled.


The exotic version of Eleanor, Elena is just as classy but probably knows how to rhumba or tame panthers or something equally fierce.


It’s just so respectable and regal, despite the fact you’re anything less than ladylike. Even if you shorten it to Liv, you still sound like you’re more at home on a throne with a crown than on your uni sofa with a can of Pringles and a devastating hangover.


Just really, really cool.



Emily. Sweet, beautiful Emily. She has big blue eyes you could swim in. She has a goofy sense of humour and is ridiculously hot at the same time – a tricky and dangerous combo. Watch out, she’ll steal your heart before you’ve had the time to blink.


Stone. Watson. Roberts. With so many famous, gorgeous Emmas, is it any surprise the name is so highly regarded?


If she’s good enough for Wall-E, she’s good enough for us.


There’s something sneaky and secretive about a Felicity, as if she’s a cat burglar or a super-spy or just someone who’s really good at keeping secrets. Sure, you may not be able to trust her, but that won’t stop you drooling like a puppy every time she drawls your name.


It just sounds great.


You don’t meet a lot of people called Pisa, or ladies named Livorno, and girls called Genoa are few and far between. But Florence – mamma mia! – when you meet a Florence will you know it.

Just as classically beautiful as the city they’re named after, Florences are classy creatures – and much less stuck up.


Like Catherine/Cat, Francesca/Frankie boasts a similar dichotomy – but here it’s all about fun. So while Francesca is the girl you’ll take to an opulent afternoon tea with your conservative grandparents, Frankie is the one who’ll spend it getting pissed and telling them how you were sick all over the back of an Uber two nights ago.


If Georgia wasn’t the most beautiful name on earth, why would so many people write songs about it?


“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me”…whether belted by a Gospel choir or growled in a Brummie accent on Peaky Blinders, Grace is classy, reverent, but with a wicked edge. You’ll be on your knees in no time, begging her to save you.


You’ll never have more fun than with a Hatty – it’s just in her nature. She’s the sort of girl who won’t want to leave the club ‘til the lights come on, and even then will end up dragging you to an afterparty or a Maccie’s or, more likely, a stint in a jail cell. Still, it’s always a story with Hatty.


Like her namesake, India is exotic insofar as she went on a gap year, has a nose ring and wears harem pants  out of the house in the middle of winter.

Sure, she may be from Guildford and studying in Bristol, but don’t knock India for trying to be something else – you know you’d do anything to spend a night beneath her Vietnamese bedroom wall hanging.


Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you.


Actually, scratch Ariel. Your first love was definitely Jasmine from Aladdin, and she’s stood the test of time. She’s a cartoon, other people will say, but don’t fret – real-life Jasmines are just as mesmerising.


But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? ‘Tis the east, and Juliet is the sun!


The hotter version of Kristen. Is it because Kirsten is harder to say thus making her sound a bit more interesting? You be the judge on that one.



You can’t think of her without thinking of Lara Croft, the Angelina-Jolie shaped action hero of all boys who grew up in the 90s and had a Playstation and some dubious cheat codes (no, you couldn’t get her to strip off in the pool just by hitting triangle triangle square R1).

Because of this, there’s always something fantastical about her. Does she have the silver catsuit? Unconfirmed.


Laura wears turtlenecks and drinks flat whites and probably listens to music on vinyl because the sound is “crunchier.”


Is there anybody more fun than Lauren? She knows all the cool things to do and the cool places to go, but she’s just as at home in a shit pub at 2am ordering in the next round of knock-off Jägerbombs. Hey, at least it’s not boring.


Like Alex, but classier.


Because sometimes your parents name you after Queen Elizabeth, but you’re just a bit too much of a princess to go by Liv. Expect to find Libby in the wine aisle of Waitrose, complaining that she can’t fit enough bottles of prosecco in her basket for the party tonight.


Every single Lily is a lovely English rose, we’re sure of it. Lily Cole? Check. Lily James? Check. Lily Collins? Check.

There has to be some kind of conspiracy going on here.



Name a Liv that’s not fit.


Best said while screwing up your face and pinching your fingers together like you’ve just tasted the most delicious spicy meatball of your life, Lucia is dripping with Mediterranean sprezzatura – you can imagine spending your days with her on a yacht anchored outside Positano, sipping prosecco and dining on freshly-caught shellfish.


Have you ever met a Lucy who doesn’t have a really nice smile? Bet you haven’t.


Maeve is that girl in the year above who you always had a crush on. She was unobtainable, yet you felt like you knew everything about her – the fact that she smoked cigarettes behind the school and got her nose pierced in year 10.

To this day, you still think fondly back to that day she asked you if you could lend her 10p to buy some chewing gum, and she told you you were “the best.”


Maisie is definitely the ultimate girl-next-door – she grew up in the suburbs with a bunch of brothers and about a zillion labradors, and is just really pretty without even trying, which mildly annoys you sometimes.


The children of the playground loved you, any opportunity to bawl “SHUT UP MEG.” That hardship has conditioned Megan.

She studies something unnecessarily difficult like Dentistry for the shits and gigs. Her hobbies are too frustrating for anyone else to enjoy, but she finds constructing ornate and intricate cards meditative. One day maybe she’ll send one to you.


Always looking pristine, Nancy nails the balance between work and pleasure. Throughout the week she nails life – she works her arise off and goes to gym classes, but then Thursday hits.

If there’s one thing this girl loves, it’s a party. And you want to be next to her all the way until 6am when she’s kicked off her heels and is dancing on the table.


All hail the queen.



You haven’t met that many Natalies in your life, but each and every time one crosses your path, you are never disappointed.


When Niamh smiles it gives you chills. She looks at you like she knows something you don’t – and you simply have to hang around with her to find out what that is.

Classically Irish, Niamh is unstoppable when it comes to partying. She’ll look devastatingly cool while she’s doing it, too.


Ninas never wear makeup, have been rocking the boho-chic look before Topshop even knew about it and listens to artists you’ve never heard of, but not in a pretentious way. Basically everyone either wants to be Nina or wishes they knew a Nina.


See Liv above – same rules apply.


The most stereotypically posh name of all the posh names, Poppy is exactly like you’d expect: most often blonde, most often from the Home Counties, most often in possession of a Coutts card and a judgemental father who will hate you with a burning passion.


Have you seen Priyanka Chopra? Have you?


Ever since Friends, Rachel has been the nom du jour of your classic girl-next-door. Everybody wants to settle down with a Rachel in a house with a couple of dogs and a white picket fence – it’s just the way the name works.



Like Rachel, but she likes arthouse cinema and buys you macarons on your birthday.


Even though you almost certainly can’t pronounce it, this “little rose” has as many thorns as petals. Much like the Moloko singer, you’d be lucky to “bring” a Roísín “back.”


By the third time you’ve asked her to pronounce it, you’ll already be in love.


You can never tell what is going through Serena’s mind – she’s shrouded in mystery and intrigue, which both entices and infuriates you.


Basically Sophie, but with a huskier voice and a better tan.


Your life will be punctuated with Sophies. The Sophie you fall in love with as a spotty-faced teenager; the Sophie at uni who shows you her secret study spot in the library; the Sophie whose shoulder you cry on when that Sophie dumps you.

Sophies who love you and Sophies who leave you, and every other Sophie in between. God bless Sophies.




Zoe smokes rollies and does watercolour paintings and has an oversized denim jacket with patches on the elbows which she lets you try on from time to time.

CONTRIBUTORS: Roisin Lanigan, Natalie Clark, Bobby Palmer, Bella Eckert, Matt McDonald, Daisy Bernard and Oli Dugmore.