Geologists will earn the most when they graduate, says new research

No, really

Apparently years of pass-agg warring between medics, dentists and lawyers over who’s got the best graduate prospects has all been for nothing – because in fact the humble Geologist is the one who’ll make the most money after graduation.

New figures published today reveal that Geologists at Imperial College London are the top earners in a league table of graduate salaries. They make an average of £73,267 just six months after leaving university, surpassing medics and engineers and everyone else who’s still stuck at home with their parents avoiding real life.

These guys probably make more money than you

Also making serious dollar are Computer Science and Business graduates (shock). The soaring salary of Business grads from entrepreneurial universities means places like Leeds Trinity and DMU are now rivalling LSE, Oxford and Cambridge for graduate prospects.

On the other end of the spectrum are Psychology graduates from the prestigious Liverpool Hope University, who’ll earn just £12,343 – less than half the national average of £27,600.

Essentially if you go here you’ve got absolutely no hope

Alan Smithers, a professor of Education at Buckingham University, told The Sunday Times: “The new universities have not been able to challenge the traditional universities in the main subject areas like law, so they have had to look for new opportunities. This has made some of them more responsive to the employment market and you can see that success in some of their courses.”

The highest-earning courses

  1. Geology at Imperial (£73,267)
  2. Law at LSE (£69,933)
  3. Computer Science at Imperial (£67,810)
  4. Business Studies at Leeds Trinity (£58,220)
  5. Computer Science at Cambridge (£42,756)
  6. Economics at Cambridge (£41,142)
  7. Electrical Engineering at Imperial (£40,551)
  8. Business Studies at Oxford (£40,037)
  9. Computer Science at Oxford (£39,665)
  10. Computer Science at DMU (£39,129)

The lowest-earning courses

  1. Psychology at Liverpool Hope (£12,343)
  2. Art and Design at Liverpool Hope (£12,440)
  3. Creative Writing at Salford (£12,558)
  4. Drama, Dance and Cinematics at Worcester (£13,267)
  5. Drama, Dance and Cinematics at Liverpool Hope (£13,268)
  6. Education at Wrexham Glyndwr (£13,289)
  7. Dance, Drama and Cinematics at Cumbria (£13,322)
  8. Art and Design at Sunderland (£13,406)
  9. Social Work at St Mark and St John, Plymouth (£13,515)
  10. Communication and Media Studies at Liverpool Hope (£13,561)