Revealed: The unis where you’ll spend the least on a bottle of wine

How’s your head this morning?

We all know the feeling, it’s Sunday morning after you’ve had a tough week – you’re considering your fifth episode of Stranger Things and the crippling hangover still has you in bed. It’s the wine’s fault, not yours. But how much did you cough up for the bottle?

A University Fair Price Index has been produced by My Voucher Codes to reveal which unis are the most inexpensive to live at, compiling data on the cost of such things as gym memberships, restaurant meals and most importantly, bottles of wine.

The data found that UK students, on average, pay around £6.93 for a bottle of wine, with most paying around £7.00 for a bottle, a reasonably cheap price, but some other university towns are paying far higher prices and some are glugging down the wine freely as they enjoy much lower prices than the average.

Coming in top of the cheapest prices for wine are both Liverpool and John Moores Universities who pay on average £5.50 for a bottle, clearly not helping the city of Liverpool and its apparent problem with binge drinking as shops are near on giving Scousers and their students bottles for free.

The most expensive places to buy a bottle of wine for university and charging, on average, £8.00 are for students of Bristol, the University of the West of England and London universities King’s College and UCL, where a bottle of Echo Falls fits in as well as a square cube in a triangle shaped hole.

How cheap is the wine at your uni?

Birmingham – £7.00

Bristol – £8.00

Cardiff – £5.75

Edinburgh – £7.00

Exeter – £6.50

Glasgow – £7.00

John Moores – £5.50

Kent – £6.00

King’s – £8.00

Leeds – £6.00

Liverpool – £5.50

Manchester – £7.00

Newcastle – £7.00

Northumbria – £7.00

Nottingham – £7.25

Oxford – £7.00

Plymouth – £7.49

Sheffield – £6.83

Southampton – £7.25

Strathclyde – £7.00

Trent – £7.25

UCL – £8.00

UCLan – £7.00

UWE – £8.00

Warwick – £7.00