Everything you get sick of hearing when you’re half Chinese

‘I bet you have a rice cooker’

Look, don’t get me wrong, being mixed race definitely has its benefits. I wouldn’t ever change who I am. Being half Chinese and half English which means I have the privilege to be immersed in two completely different cultures. I’m fortunate enough to be able to visit my family in Hong Kong almost every year, exploring an amazing country and getting to call Hong Kong my second home, which hardly anyone can do.

But there’s a bad side too. Because I’m mixed race, I receive so many unnecessary comments on a regular basis relating to my ethnicity. I don’t think I should be treated any differently from any other ethnicity. But that doesn’t stop people.

What are you?

If you think about this question, it’s actually somewhat dehumanising. What are you? A human, and more specifically, a human girl.

So, where are you from? Like, seriously

This question is very popular and I’m sure many mixed race people have heard this one time and time again. “You’re from this part of England? Really? No, I mean like, where are you actually from? Like, originally?”

I was born and raised in the south of England and it’s really frustrating when people simply don’t believe me, just because I don’t fully look English. In fact, I bet the person asking was expecting a detailed description of my ethnic background and not just the town I grew up in. You wouldn’t double check with a white person if they said the same as me. Therefore, I shouldn’t be treated any differently.

How many languages can you speak then?

In my case, I am lucky enough that I was taught to speak both English and Cantonese. However, no mixed race person should be pressured to speak multiple languages, simply based on their ethnicity. It is absolutely fine if you can only speak your first language. Actually, can you speak German or French? Most people go through those at school, but they aren’t forced to have the ability to speak it fluently. It shouldn’t be assumed that a mixed race person can speak all the languages of their ethnicity.

You don’t even look half Chinese

I don’t even know what to say to that. Thank you?

You don’t even act Chinese

I don’t know what Chinese people do that is any different from any other person so again, I don’t know how to respond to this.

You’re only half English/Chinese, so you don’t really count

I didn’t realise I had to be a specific amount of a certain ethnicity to count as that ethnicity.

What race do you identify with the most?

I shouldn’t have to feel like I need to pick a particular side, it’s like being asked which arm or leg do you like more. Both ethnicities make up my whole person and asking me which side I identify with the most makes me question whether I should be more English or Chinese.

I choose to accept who I am and it doesn’t help that people are always questioning my chosen identity. Do not ask this question to any mixed race person.

You’re so exotic

The label “exotic” might come across as if it’s a compliment. But to me, it’s like a way of saying that you look different, but in an aesthetically pleasing way. Now I feel like a bird who lives in a cage at a zoo. I stand out from the crowd, so understandably, I feel quite uncomfortable if people think of me in this way.

You’re a mutt

Just stop.

You don’t look like your parents, are you adopted?

Fair enough if I don’t look like my parents, I really can’t control that but then asking me whether I was adopted is none of your business.

Are you into Asian or white guys?

That’s quite a personal question isn’t it?Just so you know, I don’t have to like guys who are the same race as me. Skin colour should have nothing to do with attraction- what a shock.

Mixed babies are so cute

Personally, I think that all babies are cute. Something about having to point out that the fact a baby is cute because they are mixed is fairly strange to me.