Zack Maddox
Campus Editor

University of Alabama ranks second in number of underage spring break arrests

Several Alabama high schools also made the list

VOTE: This is your Final Four bracket in the competition to be crowned UA’s best bar

Voting closes Monday, March 27th

UA junior who sent racist and homophobic Tinder messages apologizes

‘I am deeply sorry’

VOTE: This is your Elite Eight in the competition to be crowned UA’s best bar

Voting closes Monday, March 20th

UA student under disciplinary review after sending racist and homophobic Tinder messages

The first message said, ‘Is the black guy in your picture your boyfriend?’

VOTE: What is the best bar in T-Town?

It’s March Madness in Tuscaloosa, y’all

We asked UA if getting hit by a Crimson Ride bus means the university pays your tuition

Let’s finally put this to bed

Quiz: How Alabama are you?

If you don’t miss JBo, do you even go here?

Of course one of the greatest teams in NFL history has a play called ‘Alabama’

Can we get a Roll Tide, Brady?

A 6-week-old rescue puppy named Daisy is this week’s big pet on campus

She’s still looking to be adopted

Meet UA freshman Nick Ebel, the legendary ‘shaker skirt guy’ from every game day

‘It’s my tiny piece of fame’

Alabama is one of the top schools for ‘sugar babies’ in America

That’s one way to do it

They’re calling for snow in Alabama and people are having a meltdown

Bring it on

A response to The Odyssey’s ‘There Is No Longer A Need For Feminism In America’

It’s 2017, honey

Come write for us at The Tab Alabama

We need writers like you

Lane Kiffin will likely take a major pay cut in new role

He is taking a head coaching job at Florida Atlantic

This UA junior started trending after he missed IHOP’s National Pancake Day

He was asking people to post with #pancakesforgriffin

What it feels like being a single blue dot in a state that went red

I wasn’t surprised, but I am scared

If Clinton/Kaine and Trump/Pence studied at UA

They’d obviously live in Presidential Village I & II

If SEC schools were characters from The Office

Everyone to the conference room, please

The best and worst online reviews of UA

Buckle up, ladies and gents

‘I didn’t actually urinate on the statue,’ says UT student who tweeted tasteless pic

He even has that New Boy look

The support shown for Milo Yiannopoulos was more than disturbing – it was disgusting

His talk at UA was nothing more than a comedy show, but it wasn’t funny

You may hate us, but Alabama is the best football team in the world

Roll Tide

Of course someone is selling ‘Harambe loves The Tide’ buttons

Apparently they’re already sold out

Why Alabama football game days are so special

It’s more than just Dixieland Delight

An honest packing list for this year at UA

Get those dining dollars ready to rumble right into Dominos

How to successfully ‘drink around the world’ at Disney’s Epcot

If you make it to Canada, you’re a champ

Why I stopped being a Christian

‘I prayed every night for 18 years’

I tried to kill myself and I don’t regret it

You are not alone

Sons of the South: How fathers raise their boys with the expectation of masculinity

It needs to be more than being ‘manly’

My small Georgia town is my safe haven, which is exactly why I need to leave

Being too comfortable and playing it safe is not living

Despite what people think, being gay in the South is freeing

Times are changing

Hiding from who you are: My coming out story

Simply put, I was scared