Umayma Khan
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Bored of queuing at Falmer station? Southern Rail have gone contactless

We’ve all suffered the nightmarish queue at Falmer Station

‘To be entirely honest, we’re disappointed’: The Sussex men’s rugby team talk Varsity

The team directly affected by the Varsity violence have their say

Co-op meal deal prices set to increase

Price of meal deals to increase by close to 10% soon

Hey you, come have a look at the Sussex Refresher events

Several exciting events lined up for

QUIZ: How well do you know your Sussex University buildings?

The architecture is so diverse

Brighton is Britain’s most haunted place

There’s phantom old men, phantom nuns and phantom dogs here

University of Sussex may be expanding

Vice-chancellor Adam Tickell is exploring campus expansion options

We asked Sussex students if they knew what International Relations is

‘Isn’t that the thing that everyone comes here to study?’

Rizzle Kicks’ star launches #IAMWHOLE campaign in Brighton

Jordan Stephens launched #IAMWHOLE, to raise awareness about youth mental health

How to procrastinate at Sussex University

I’m watching Sherlock to prepare for my psychology exam tomorrow, obviously

Sussex student representatives announced

1324 students voted in the elections

The Co-op is by far the worst thing on campus

It’s bascially an unnecessary evil