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USC will spend $270 million on Coliseum ‘modernizations’ for Olympic Games that haven’t even been confirmed for Los Angeles

And by ‘modernization’ we mean removing 16,000 seats

Investigation: Anyone with a laptop can access the USC Village CCTV system

You have to see it to believe it

Learn from their mistakes: the worst Coachella trends ranked by a festival veteran

Yes, I actually went there

Learn from their mistakes: the worst Coachella trends ranked by a festival veteran

Yes, I actually went there

The Rubin Report Strikes Back: Dave Rubin comes to USC to moderate Ayn Rand Institute talk on free speech with Colin Moriarty and Steve Simpson

Rubin’s previously planned appearance was ‘indefinitely postponed’ by DPS in March

Students host Planned Parenthood themed benefit at the Pink House

Part of the $7 cover went to the global organization

USC Kappa Sigma expels member arrested for sexual assault

Armaan Premjee was arrested on sexual assault charges yesterday

I tried Beyoncé’s strangest diet trick and it actually kind of worked

Killer of the post-spring break bloat

I tried Beyoncé’s strangest diet trick and it actually kind of worked

Killer of the post-spring break bloat

BREAKING: Migos to open Springfest

Rae Sremmurd will be headlining

BREAKING: Rae Sremmurd to headline Springfest

It’s been confirmed by a source in USG

Spotted: Michael Phelps crashes USC Annenberg event in the Media Center

NBC Universal Sports & Olympics Dick Ebersol was also in attendance

BREAKING: Lady Gaga will replace Beyonce at Coachella

Beyonce will return to Coachella in 2018

BREAKING: Lady Gaga will replace Beyonce at Coachella

Beyonce will return to Coachella in 2018

We had a blonde and brunette switch places for the night to find out once and for all who has more fun

The ultimate battle, now with a definitive answer

We had a blonde and brunette switch places for the night to find out once and for all who has more fun

The ultimate battle, now with a definitive answer

BREAKING: Beyonce drops out of Coachella, promising to headline in 2018

Will Adele steal Bey’s Coachella like she stole her Grammy?

USG Senator introduces amendment to set all USG positions equal to minimum wage

The Senator has previously petitioned and advocated for tuition freezes

Austin Dunn and Morgan Monahan win the USG Presidency and Vice Presidency in a landslide

Announced at today’s Senate meeting

USG Senator and presidential candidate Daniel Million resigns as a sign of protest

Lamented being “one of two black males” in an allegedly apathetic USG

‘SANCTUARY CAMPUS NOW’ banner unveiled in Campus Center

Despite USC already being a sanctuary campus

UC Berkeley anti-free speech rioters justify Milo’s existence

1964 was murdered tonight

UPDATE: Beyonce may no longer perform at Coachella

Queen Bey appears to be at least three months pregnant with twins

What you need to know about future SCOTUS Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s first great pick since Mad Dog Mattis

Because even a broken clock is right twice a day

The Women’s March on Washington – you guessed it – does not represent all women

Let’s unpack this

USC in top 20 most accessible elite schools for low-income students

Turns out we’re not actually the University of Spoiled Children after all

Juju Smith-Schuster will forgo final year at USC for NFL draft

The famed USC wide receiver announced on Twitter

Trojans defeat Penn State in their first Rose Bowl since 2009

The game was saved by a final field goal

USC leads Penn State by 6 at Rose Bowl halftime

The Lions didn’t score a single point in the first quarter

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We spoke to Chad Moses, the high school student whose picture was tweeted by Malik Obama

He is ‘not at all’ a Trump supporter

‘I’m terrified it’s only the beginning’

Berliners shell-shocked but not surprised by Christmas market attack

BREAKING: Former QB Max Browne transferring to Pitt

Browne’s decision comes less than three weeks before the Rose Bowl

Why is USC still celebrating wife-beating, convicted felon and alleged murderer O.J. Simpson?

Meanwhile, the university considers Reggie Bush the real villain

USC grad student arrested in international cyber attack crackdown

Sean Sharma is currently pursuing his master in computer science

USC Village will include a Harry Potter themed dining hall

The school is in the midst of a $6 billion fundraising campaign bolstered by annual three percent tuition increases

VOTE: Will Juju and Adoree’ return next year?

Congrats boys, you’re the biggest teases of 2016

What missing a day of class at USC actually costs

Thank you, three percent annual tuition hikes

USC Trojans will play Penn State at the Rose Bowl

Bowl bound and it feels so good

BREAKING: Person spraying fire extinguisher inside Doheny Library

The assailant is now in custody

BREAKING: Student fatally stabs USC Professor Bosco S. Tjan

Students have been warned to stay away from the area

Free tacos and enlightenment at the Fisher Museum tomorrow

Indulge yourself for free at tomorrow’s De-Stress Craft Fest

USG votes to make USC a ‘sanctuary campus’

Senator Sabrina Enriquez also announced her resignation

Diplo and RL Grime put on impromptu show at Phi Sigma Kappa


BREAKING: Assailant on roof of Doheny Memorial Library in custody

The library was evacuated at 4:43 p.m. PST

Protesters claiming Trump is ‘the worst thing to ever happen’ to them really need to check their privilege

Congratulations millennials, you did it again

BREAKING: Protest at Trousdale pushes #SanctuaryCampus status for USC

They’re marching to City Hall after this

BREAKING: Anti-Trump protesters are forming a human wall on USC campus

They’re carrying flags from other countries and chanting ‘not my president’

Prop 64 just passed: Light up and trash your med card

This is not a drill

To save conservatism, flip the ticket and dump Trump

Or to save us all the effort, Trump should just drop out

Take The Tab’s nationwide election poll here

Because November 8th can’t come soon enough

USC professor named as Clinton donor in disputed Foundation ‘hack’

Staff at UCSF, Stanford and Cal State Sacramento were also listed

We went to the art exhibit USC didn’t want you to see

The Roski School of Art and Design censored the school’s biggest ‘cocktail’ party

Jeb Bush hints that he may be voting for Gary Johnson in November

Just when you thought this election couldn’t get any weirder

After 47 years, USC students can once again pass referendums

The decision was made in last night’s meeting where USG also voted against the anti-discrimination amendment

The latest Anthony Weiner scandal isn’t even political – it’s just sad

He was caught sexting, again

Here’s why everyone’s tweeting #DoYourJob right now

And why it’s backfiring

Megyn Kelly should have been chosen as a debate moderator

She’s the only journalist who could hold Trump and Hillary to account

Why I’ll never date another Male Feminist

And no, it’s not because I hate women

Why I’ll never date another Male Feminist

And no, it’s not because I hate women

USC should take as noble a stand on free speech as U Chicago

If they can melt snowflakes in Chicago, why can’t we in LA?

USC Uber program survives amid cancelation rumors

Sucks to be at UCLA

If USC were a country, we’d currently be tied for 11th place in Rio 2016

Trojans are currently tied with Brazil for Olympic medals – and broke a world record on the first day

Bill Clinton just passed us in the corridor at the DNC

Just before his wife stepped up to accept the nomination

Watch Bernie Sanders delegates walk out of Hillary’s acceptance speech

We caught it on video as they were escorted by law enforcement

Barack Obama: ‘The American Dream is something no wall will ever contain’

‘Our strength, our greatness, does not depend on Donald Trump’

‘Believe me!’ Tim Kaine extends an olive branch to the right

‘Does anyone believe Donald Trump has been paying his fair share of taxes?’

Bernie supporters are now turning to Jill Stein for hope

‘Voting for the greater good is the only way to change anything’

Bill Clinton says Hillary is ‘the best darn changemaker’

His speech lasted an epic 42 minutes

The DNC couldn’t remember the Pledge of Allegiance and didn’t acknowledge ISIS yesterday

And people wonder why Donald Trump is winning

No-one enjoyed the first day of the DNC more than Donald Trump

Somewhere on a gilded throne in Mar-a-Lago, Trump is cackling into his Twitter: ‘Sad!’

Bernie delegates shout down CA secretary of state at DNC breakfast

They chanted ‘count the votes,’ and ‘do your job’

BREAKING: Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns as DNC Chair

Just two days after the WikiLeaks email revelations

The funniest and scariest stuff we found in the DNC email leak

Wikileaks calls it the ‘Hillary Leaks series’

We talked to Gary Johnson at the RNC

‘Maybe Cruz saying ‘vote your conscience’, maybe that was Gary Johnson he was talking about’

With Cleveland on high alert, Trump plans speech that will echo Nixon

The Tab is live in Cleveland

Amber Heard is the wrong kind of victim for Hollywood

And the media is willing to throw her under the bus because of it

Attorney General Loretta Lynch just had a private meeting with Bill Clinton

While his wife is under federal investigation

Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson opened Politicon

With #neverTrump and #neverHillary, the Libertarian Party is having their moment

No-one is more to blame for the rise of Trump than the media

It’s symbiotic

What the Anthony Weiner movie tells us about the Clintons’ past

How two different couples dealt with scandal

Trump won’t make America ‘great’ again, he’ll make it French

From an economics student who’s lived in both countries

The California Senate primary is somehow even crazier than the Presidential primary

The first open, California Senate seat in 24 years has attracted a slew of characters that make Trump seem banal

Provost Quick’s email probably explains the tuition increase

While Quick doesn’t provide many numbers, with a closer look they are quite telling

USG Senate votes against impeaching Commuter Senator Jacob Ellenhorn


‘Stop the Jew Hatred’ speech by David Horowitz met with protest

Dozens of protesters and Horowitz talked directly to The Tab USC

The story behind the brand new Economics Association

Now undergrads have a cultural center

EXCLUSIVE: USC investigated for gender-based discrimination against man

He claims he was denied counseling for sexual trauma at the Center of Women and Men

EXCLUSIVE: USG Senator Jacob Ellenhorn fights back against impeachment charges

He claims the charges are a result of USG and the Program Board’s ‘political bias, anti-Semitism and lack of respect for free speech’

BREAKING: Possession of hoverboards banned in USC housing

Guess you’re going to have to walk

Skateboarder hit by car on USC campus

He is conscious and is now being transported to the hospital

Student Affairs are offering a monetary incentive for recounts of oppression at USC

Are you oppressed? Student Affairs thinks so!

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