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Why I’ll never date another Male Feminist

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Bill Clinton says Hillary is ‘the best darn changemaker’

His speech lasted an epic 42 minutes

The DNC couldn’t remember the Pledge of Allegiance and didn’t acknowledge ISIS yesterday

And people wonder why Donald Trump is winning

No-one enjoyed the first day of the DNC more than Donald Trump

Somewhere on a gilded throne in Mar-a-Lago, Trump is cackling into his Twitter: ‘Sad!’

Bernie delegates shout down CA secretary of state at DNC breakfast

They chanted ‘count the votes,’ and ‘do your job’

BREAKING: Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns as DNC Chair

Just two days after the WikiLeaks email revelations

The funniest and scariest stuff we found in the DNC email leak

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We talked to Gary Johnson at the RNC

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The Tab is live in Cleveland

Amber Heard is the wrong kind of victim for Hollywood

And the media is willing to throw her under the bus because of it

Attorney General Loretta Lynch just had a private meeting with Bill Clinton

While his wife is under federal investigation

Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson opened Politicon

With #neverTrump and #neverHillary, the Libertarian Party is having their moment

No-one is more to blame for the rise of Trump than the media

It’s symbiotic

What the Anthony Weiner movie tells us about the Clintons’ past

How two different couples dealt with scandal

Trump won’t make America ‘great’ again, he’ll make it French

From an economics student who’s lived in both countries