Taylor Palmby
Taylor was a pure beam of light until she said The Weeknd wasn't hot so if you need to cyberbully anyone, her Twitter handle is right below this. Don't try to physically bully her though because she's a spin instructor and could totally kick your ass even in a cut-out dress. The most important thing to know about Taylor is that she's the kind of person who will take 800 different shots if you ask her to take a picture of you, because that's the kind of person she is. Oh, and she's like, reeeally loud.

What it’s like to get an abortion in Wisconsin, by a UW-Madison student who did

‘It was one of the most painful experiences of my life’

Students and staff allege sexual abuse and harassment by UW academics in anonymous Google form

UW-Madison ranked 11th for the university with the highest number of reported incidents

A man with a gun has been spotted near Union South

Students are advised to seek safety

Two suspects have been arrested in the incident involving a gun on State Street

People were screaming and running away

UW student assaulted by man during attempted abduction

Two WiscAlerts were sent out early this morning

Bronson Koenig will no longer be playing with the Milwaukee Bucks

Koenig could play for a different NBA team, G league team or internationally

Young woman was choked by a stranger on University Avenue

She lost consciousness after being choked

UW-Madison ranks in the top 50 for best colleges in the US

As if we needed more proof that Badgers are better than Gophers

Wisconsin judge decides to split Alec Cook case into seven separate trials

The first trial will be on February 26

Inside the Alec Cook case, the UW-Madison student accused of serial rape

Tomorrow a judge will decide whether the Minnesota man will be able to fight his 23 charges separately

UW-Madison ranks in the top 50 universities in the world

On Wisconsin!

The Freakfest lineup has been announced and it’s pretty lit

A grammy nominated artist is performing

Did you know UW-Madison had two Ku Klux Klan student organizations in the 1920s?

A study group is being formed to examine UW’s anti-Semitic history

Male student cleared of sexual assault uses photo from his trial on Tinder

Acquitted Wednesday, on Tinder Sunday.

UW-Madison student Nicholas Ralston uses picture from his sexual assault trial on Tinder

The picture was taken on Wednesday, and the photographer saw it on his profile yesterday.

UW-Madison ranked number one school in the nation for ‘Lots of Beer’

U-rah, rah Wisconsin!

Girls share their stories about the things guys did that gave them ‘the ick’

‘I told him I didn’t want to have sex anymore because I was going to be a born again virgin’

Nearly one in four men don’t think ‘surprise anal’ is assault

It is against the law

CONFIRMED: Harry Styles has four nipples

I’d still bang

‘I had to graduate with my rapist’: We spoke to the sexual assault survivors behind the letter to Betsy DeVos

‘Where would I be without Title IX’