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Taylor was a pure beam of light until she said The Weeknd wasn't hot so if you need to cyberbully anyone, her Twitter handle is right below this. Don't try to physically bully her though because she's a spin instructor and could totally kick your ass even in a cut-out dress. The most important thing to know about Taylor is that she's the kind of person who will take 800 different shots if you ask her to take a picture of you, because that's the kind of person she is. Oh, and she's like, reeeally loud.

What it’s like to get an abortion in Wisconsin, by a UW-Madison student who did

‘It was one of the most painful experiences of my life’

Students and staff allege sexual abuse and harassment by UW academics in anonymous Google form

UW-Madison ranked 11th for the university with the highest number of reported incidents

A man with a gun has been spotted near Union South

Students are advised to seek safety

Two suspects have been arrested in the incident involving a gun on State Street

People were screaming and running away

UW student assaulted by man during attempted abduction

Two WiscAlerts were sent out early this morning

Bronson Koenig will no longer be playing with the Milwaukee Bucks

Koenig could play for a different NBA team, G league team or internationally

Young woman was choked by a stranger on University Avenue

She lost consciousness after being choked

UW-Madison ranks in the top 50 for best colleges in the US

As if we needed more proof that Badgers are better than Gophers

Wisconsin judge decides to split Alec Cook case into seven separate trials

The first trial will be on February 26

Inside the Alec Cook case, the UW-Madison student accused of serial rape

Tomorrow a judge will decide whether the Minnesota man will be able to fight his 23 charges separately

UW-Madison ranks in the top 50 universities in the world

On Wisconsin!

The Freakfest lineup has been announced and it’s pretty lit

A grammy nominated artist is performing

Did you know UW-Madison had two Ku Klux Klan student organizations in the 1920s?

A study group is being formed to examine UW’s anti-Semitic history

Male student cleared of sexual assault uses photo from his trial on Tinder

Acquitted Wednesday, on Tinder Sunday.

UW-Madison student Nicholas Ralston uses picture from his sexual assault trial on Tinder

The picture was taken on Wednesday, and the photographer saw it on his profile yesterday.

UW-Madison ranked number one school in the nation for ‘Lots of Beer’

U-rah, rah Wisconsin!

Girls share their stories about the things guys did that gave them ‘the ick’

‘I told him I didn’t want to have sex anymore because I was going to be a born again virgin’

Nearly one in four men don’t think ‘surprise anal’ is assault

It is against the law

CONFIRMED: Harry Styles has four nipples

I’d still bang

‘I had to graduate with my rapist’: We spoke to the sexual assault survivors behind the letter to Betsy DeVos

‘Where would I be without Title IX’

Hooters Girls say working at ‘breastaurants’ can cause eating disorders and mental health problems

‘I was literally counting every single calorie I put into my body’

How to fuck like a fuckboy: We asked an expert how to avoid catching feelings

Major key: No spooning

It’s perfectly legal for cops to trick prostitutes into having sex with them. Meet the women behind the fight to change this

‘It’s incredibly traumatic to be tricked into having sex with someone who stops in the middle and puts you in handcuffs’

‘My first thought was, I guess I’m not woman enough’: Pop-rock musician Dalea shares her experience as an Intersex woman

‘I am a woman of Intersex experience. I am a woman of trans experience, but in the end I am just a woman.’

Girls share all of the crazy shit they’ve done after a breakup

John Tucker their ass

Women can’t go sleeveless in the House and it’s bullshit

Republicans are more concerned about women’s shoulders than their rights

Girls on Twitter shut down this body-shamer with their hot bikini pics

Did anyone ask for your opinion?

Corinne says she ‘felt victimized’ during the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ scandal in new statement

She will not be returning to the show

Kendall and Kylie’s new ‘vintage’ tees pissed off a lot of people, so they took them down

Now they’re really sorry

QUIZ: This really important series of questions will tell you which celebrity baby you are

Which celebrity is changing your diapers?

Kim’s contour tutorial will make you think you’ve been doing it very, very wrong

Even if it’s literally the same thing you do every single day

Some people actually think it’s OK to continue having sex with someone after they withdraw consent

‘Don’t give consent in the first place’

DeMario Jackson: Corinne was the ‘aggressor’

‘She gets up out of the pool and puts her lady parts right on my face.’

‘I consented but then asked him to stop’: Read the story of the North Carolina rape victim who will never get justice

‘That was the moment it became rape’

One in five men think it can’t be rape if both parties are drunk

How blurry is the line of consent?

It’s not rape if she says ‘yes’ and then changes her mind, NC law states

A man just has to get her to say ‘yes’ and then do absolutely anything he wants

Neither Corinne nor DeMario will be returning to ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ after the assault scandal

Sources say DeMario has been seeing a therapist to cope with the anxiety caused by the scandal

A spotlight on some of our favorite LGBTQIA+ people you should definitely be following

Just a few of our favorites

Do men like getting blue balls? Women in new survey say yes

This is mind blowing information

Was the ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ scandal a huge PR stunt?

Fans seem to think so

A definitive timeline of the alleged ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ assault scandal

Everything you need to know

Finally, sweet vindication: Studies show women who wear makeup actually perform better on tests

Look good, feel good, ace that test

Meet Emily Warren, the girl behind The Chainsmokers’ ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and your next favorite album

’20 years from now we’ll look back and be shocked that these things played on the radio’

This girl turned Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ into the ultimate Pride anthem and the Internet can’t get enough

‘Sing it out, sing it loud, I’m proud’

DeMario Jackson speaks out about the alleged ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ sexual misconduct scandal

DeMario says claims are false

‘I am a victim’: Corinne speaks out about the alleged ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ assault scandal

Corinne issues her first statement

Take babe’s sex and consent survey

All answers are anonymous

This new drug that makes you tan without the sun sounds too good to be true, but I’m still gonna try it

Say goodbye to tanning beds

Disturbing new details and text messages arise in the alleged ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ assault scandal

One anonymous producer gave graphic details

Bella Hadid’s new boyfriend is the opposite of The Weeknd and I don’t trust him

Some guys are too hot to be trusted

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ fans care more about the show’s cancellation than the potential sexual assault behind it

The comments about Corinne are nothing short of disgusting

Katy Perry is trying every gimmick in the book to promote her new album, and it’s majorly backfiring

‘Another one in the casket’ – Katy Perry on her own music career

Michelle Carter told a friend she was going to hang herself but ‘chickened out’: The latest in the texting suicide case

She also suffered from a severe eating disorder and often self harmed

‘She was immeshed in the delusion where she’s thinking it’s a good thing to help him die,’ expert says in Michelle Carter trial

‘She’s not doing something she thinks is criminal’

‘She’s a helper, her whole life is helping’: Expert weighs in on Michelle Carter texting suicide case

Carter is accused of convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide

The Tumblr girl lingerie of your dreams comes courtesy of this up-and-coming designer

This lingerie is all for you not the guy you’re sleeping with

Getting an abortion in Texas is now more or less impossible, so fuck you, Governor Greg Abbott

It’s one of the strictest laws in the country

Matty Healy from The 1975 is sending out nudes today

brb googling how to get a visa

University of Wisconsin-Madison is ranked in the top 100 schools in the world

In case you needed more proof the Badgers are better than the Gophers

This girl on Twitter did a better job summarizing the Comey papers than literally any news site

Can she be the next White House correspondent please?

‘I felt paralyzed’: This is why rape victims don’t fight back

‘It’s painful when people ask me why I didn’t fight back, because it makes me feel like my assault was my fault’

‘They would unclasp my bra as they walked by’: Women open up about being sexually harassed at their first job

‘The laptop doesn’t need a sex port, we have her’

Apparently drinking coffee improves your workout so pour me another double espresso caramel macchiato with extra foam

Starbucks is the new pre-workout

This fashion brand tackles mental illness and it’s also really damn cute

It’s okay to not be okay

Michael Kors is closing 125 stores, and that’s probably because all of their bags look exactly the fucking same

Either you’re in or you’re out, and Michael Kors is definitely out

If you’re a fashionable feminist, you should definitely be shopping at Bulletin Broads

femme as fuck

Did ABC purposefully cast a racist to be a contestant on The Bachelorette?

What would Rachel think of this?

Science has finally brought us LED lashes, incase your usual ones weren’t extra enough

This is a Lady Gaga wet dream

QUIZ: How extra are you?

This company sending bags of dicks to members of congress is doing the Lord’s work

It seems like there are already enough dicks in congress

People on Twitter are shook over this guy’s savage analysis of what your star sign means

Let us know if yours is right

Olympic gold medalist, Aly Raisman, told to ‘get a thicker skin’ after tweeting about body shaming

She claims a male TSA told her ‘I don’t see any muscles’

Trump thinks being a woman is a health condition and it comes with potentially deadly consequences

Love it, awesome

The woman who lived to be 117 credits her longevity to not being ‘dominated’ by a man

I’d stay single if I had an ex like hers tbh

Man with a knife has been spotted on UW-Madison campus

A man with a knife has been spoted at Helen C. White Library parking lot

UW-Madison students plan a Take Back the Night run to raise awareness about campus sexual assault

The 5k is April 19th at 8pm

UW-Madison basketball player, Jordan Hill, has just announced he is leaving the Badger Basketball team

Hill is now free to explore transfer options

Why did it take a Selena Gomez show to make people actually care about suicide?

While you were watching one episode of ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ four real people committed suicide

Why did it take a Selena Gomez show to make people actually care about suicide?

While you were watching one episode of ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ four real people committed suicide

Armed robbery occurred outside UW-Madison residence hall

The alleged victim reported he was wrestled to the ground by two people

Paul Ryan endorses high school cyberbullying page from his hometown on Twitter

Paul Ryan is in desperate need of a replacement for whoever is running his Twitter account

Exclusive: The Bachelor Nick Viall’s little brother James tells all

The Bachelor is basically just a white collar prison

Exclusive: The Bachelor Nick Viall’s little brother James tells all

The Bachelor is basically just a white collar prison

This male chiropractor wants you to literally glue your labia shut to stop your period

His ~incredible~ new invention

This male chiropractor wants you to literally glue your labia shut to stop your period

His ~incredible~ new invention

It’s official: Red Shed is one of the best trash bars in America

The votes are in

UW-Madison student charged with running naked inside the Wisconsin State Capitol

He said he was protesting ‘the financial decisions of Donald Trump’

Suspended UW-Madison student Alec Cook pleads not guilty to 21 counts of sexual assault related charges

Cook faces 21 charges from 10 women

UW-Madison student claims he has been ‘personally victimized’ by Kellogg’s Pop-tarts

Don’t worry he was awarded free Pop-Tarts for his ‘trauma’

WikiHow actually has a guide describing how to be more masculine and it’s ridiculous

This actually exists

Having a feminist commercial in the Super Bowl was the best jab at the patriarchy ever

Audi won the Super Bowl

Having a feminist commercial in the Super Bowl was the best jab at the patriarchy ever

Audi won the Super Bowl

UW-Madison students protest the potential of an alt right group on campus

‘Racist, sexist, anti-gay, AFP go away!’

UW-Madison urges students affected by Trump’s executive order to stay in the country

72 UW-Madison students could be affected by Trump’s executive order

A definitive ranking of every single Bachelor, from most trash to ultimate husband material

The most dramatic ranking of all time

UW-Madison alt-right supporter has committed arson on black churches

Leader of the UW alt-right movement has served time for hate crimes

Today in white men deciding what’s best for women: GOP will defund Planned Parenthood

Another day, another disappointment

The Minnesota football team are boycotting football for their accused ‘brothers’, and it’s bullshit

12 guys are accused of sexually assaulting one girl

Alec Cook is to be released from jail

UW-Madison student charged with 21 counts of sexual assault to be released on bail.