Tatianna Amatruda
Editor of The Tab Rutgers

There was a literal bear on Livi last night, because apparently finals aren’t stressful enough

Betsy Devos was right you guys

Rutgers junior’s Dance Marathon video goes viral and raises over $1000

It got over 24,000 upvotes on Reddit

These Rutgers students have developed an eco-friendly transport solution for refugees around the world

They’re competing for a million dollar prize

Obama’s commencement speech cost Rutgers the equivalent of 104 years of tuition

But was it worth it?

Islamophobic flyer found on Paul Robeson Cultural Center

RUPD has been notified

VOTE NOW: Whats the best bar at Rutgers?

Fulfill your civic duty as a college student

PSA: School is cancelled tomorrow because of a huge snowstorm

Drink up bitches

The things at Rutgers I trust more than the new Secretary of Education

The football team to score against Michigan

The best signs from the Rutgers solidarity march against Trump’s executive order

‘Can’t build a wall, hands too small’

Rutgers sociology professor calls for Barchi to ‘stand up’ to Trump’s executive order

He called RU an ‘international community of scholars’

Richard Branson calls Rutgers startup ‘brilliant’

You know you made it when a billionaire says you have a great idea

BREAKING: Shots reported near Douglass campus

This incident occurred at the intersection of Jones Ave and Seaman St.

Meet Otandeka Laki, the RU junior on the Ugandan National Football team

A.K.A soccer for you Americans

BREAKING: Cook/Douglass residents to be housed in recreation centers

‘To keep students safe, we will be sheltering Cook/Douglass resident students at the RAC, Werblin, and Livingston Gymnasium overnight’

There’s a new service that eliminates the fear of walking home alone

This Rutgers senior just launched SafeHalo

There’s a new service that eliminates the fear of walking home alone

This Rutgers senior just launched SafeHalo

BREAKING: Chancellor Edwards is stepping down

He will be returning as a Professor after this academic year

Rutgers students have painted the Princeton cannon red again

The war continues

Rutgers football team debuts new uniforms and they’re pretty nice

Chris Ash said he ‘wanted a nice, clean professional look that is traditional and identifiable with Rutgers’

A love letter to Tacoria

Please lather me in golden avocados

Obama speaking at commencement causes tension between New Brunswick and Newark/Camden students

They don’t even go here

The funniest reactions to Obama coming to Rutgers for commencement

Bill Moyers just got RU screwed

The best reactions to this year’s commencement speaker

‘I would’ve taken the guy who made the double rainbow video over this dude’

Rutgers student hospitalized with meningitis

A campus email was sent out today to alert us of the incident

From Beverly Hills to New Brunswick: How LA prepared me for life at Rutgers

I’m fucking cold all the time

RU Junior shaves her head and raises over $4,500 for childhood cancer

She spent her Valentine’s Day being shaved in front of a crowd at the Livingston coffee house

Meet Instafamous Rutgers senior David Pangilinan

He gets marriage proposals from Russia

The finest bathroom stall graffiti at Rutgers

Potty mouth

RU senior designs Trumpy Bird app that will ‘make your phone great again’

‘Donald Trump, I hope you sue me’