Tadhgh Barwell OConnor

Footlights Smoker

The Smoker proves to be another mixed bag of potential for TADHGH BARWELL O’CONNOR, some of it fulfilled, some of it not.

Footlights Smoker

TADHGH BARWELL O’CONNOR wishes every Smoker could reach such comic heights…

The King’s Speech

Unlike the King, TADHGH BARWELL O’CONNOR can get his words out. Lucky us.

Review: Smoker

TADHGH BARWELL O’CONNOR: ‘Last night hailed a new age for Smokers. They have more, better-rehearsed sketches and a wider variety of humour and performers.’

Cheap Chic?

Looking for inexpensive yet interesting clothes? John’s student Tadhgh Barwell O’Connor guides us through the charity shops of Cambridge.

Sexy Techie(?!)

TADHGH BARWELL O’CONNOR reveals what really goes on in the ADC soundbox…