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Argument Editor

Craig O'Callaghan
Bristol University


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Forget London, I’m moving to Bath

It’s better in every single way

Predicting Jose Mourinho’s first season in charge of Man Utd

12 months with The Special One

City soars into the top 20 universities in the UK

It feels good being this good

Oxford is the second best university in the UK

Cambridge have beaten us in the Guardian uni rankings again

Bristol is the third best university in the UK for Pharmacy and Pharmacology

We didn’t do as well overall

Sussex the 20th best university in the UK

We’re number one for Chemistry

Royal Holloway is the seventh best university in the UK for Music

Play that tune

Aberdeen the fifth best university in the UK for Anthropology

Go anthro

UWE the best university in the UK for social work degrees

Take that UoB

Poole the eighth friendliest city in the UK

Hope you have a nice day

‘What’s the weather like up there?’ and other things tall people are fed up of hearing

You’re right actually, it is starting to rain

Oxford the second greatest university in the country

We also came 5th in the whole world

King’s is the seventh greatest university in the country

We came 43rd in the whole world

Latest university rankings prove nobody really likes being at Oxford

We came 50th in the UK

An expert’s guide to getting tickets in the Glastonbury resale

It’s not just down to luck

Game of Thrones is coming and there’s a brand new trailer

‘Make no mistake…the dead are coming’

Glastonbury’s ticket resale dates have been announced

Time to check you’ve still got enough money in your bank account

What it’s like to be a life-long Leicester City fan right now

‘I still expect them to make a mess of it’

I’ve spent almost every night this year living in an Airbnb

Read the listings carefully

UK universities back vote to stay in the EU

‘Leaving the EU would mean cutting ourselves off from unique support’

Leaving the EU could mean an end to Erasmus

You might not get that year abroad after all

Trouble was the definitive TV channel of my teens

It was all about Saved By The Bell, Fresh Prince and Damon Wayans

People working for charities in their 20s are the modest heroes of our generation

Every working day has a positive impact on the rest of the world

An American comedian has destroyed the idea that millennials are lazy narcissists

‘Millennials don’t exist’

When you think about it, weddings are basically just bigger 21st birthday parties

All your friends are there and everyone’s way too drunk

How northern are you?

It’s not chips without gravy

The Head of King’s War Studies department has apologised for ‘stupid’ sexist students

‘It is most disappointing that a small minority of male students are engaging in such idiocy’

Nobody ever chooses to go to Liquid Colchester

If you’re there, you’ve made a huge mistake

You could ride London’s cable car for free on Monday

There won’t be a queue because no one uses it

Hackney has more CCTV cameras than the whole of Wales and still can’t tackle crime

It’s the surveillance state that doesn’t work

An acclaimed house DJ has turned Star Wars into a club anthem

Quite why this exists is unclear

The miserable struggles of living above a restaurant

They won’t stop inviting you in for dinner

The new ‘example’ rotas for junior doctors are somehow even worse than expected

Here’s your day off – you’ll be working 10 hours of it

It’s 2016: Why does Sainsbury’s still not have contactless?

Even Morrisons has it

The FT says ‘millennials’ should be putting £800 a month into a pension, which is hilarious

And there are plenty of other ‘adult’ things not to bother with

American Crime Story blends true-crime drama with a Kim Kardashian origin story

The show about the O. J. Simpson trial could be Serial with star power

‘Spreading us more thinly will push the NHS to breaking point’

‘I’m having to seriously consider whether I want to continue my career in England’

St Andrews is the least edgy university

It’s hard to be vibesy when one has so many balls to go to

Wembley IKEA was the least romantic place to take someone this Valentine’s

If you’re going to argue, do it quietly

What’s the least edgy university?

Not everywhere can be Manchester or Leeds

Quiz: What university should you really go to?

You’ve made a huge mistake

Every awkward moment after a couple in your friendship group break up

Is it acceptable to start a new WhatsApp group without him in it?

Bristol’s most popular lecturer: Round one

Who always gets you out of bed for a 9am?

Quiz: What job should you really be doing?

Let’s face it, you need a change of scenery

Snape was the tragic hero of Harry Potter, and Alan Rickman nailed it

It was like he’d stepped off the page and onto the screen

Throwing a tennis ball against the wall was the best part of every school day

Why did we stop doing it?

Pulling on the way home is an underrated part of the night

It makes so much more sense than trying it in the club

Watching Making a Murderer doesn’t qualify you to judge if Steven Avery is innocent

Over 125,000 people are convinced he should be pardoned

There’s no such thing as a ‘good’ DJ

All they really need to do is play songs people like

The Big Tab Quiz of the Year 2015

How much do you remember from 2015?

The Tab is the only platform left for genuine debate at university

You can’t no platform us

NUS to work with ‘jihad supporters’ CAGE…four months after denying it would happen

They may as well wear flip-flops

Robbers smash car through Leamington bank window in shocking morning raid

‘There was quite a bit of commotion’

Incoming NUS chief executive to earn £100k-a-year

He’s getting £10k more than the last guy

Leonie Müller thinks living on a train makes her homeless. It doesn’t

She spends most nights sleeping at her boyfriend’s

Nobody knows how many uni staff are on zero-hours contracts

It’s the most baffling dilemma of our time

If your family are rich, it’s virtually impossible to fail at life

Turns out there’s a ‘glass floor’ as well as a ceiling

How fashionable is your uni?

I got beauty I got class I got style and I got ass

Revealed: Which uni smokes the most cigarettes?

Got a light?

Revealed: How much are you spending on the gym?

Sweet rig bro

Glyndwr student texted ‘I think I’m doing to die’ after accidental diet pill overdose

Eloise had taken eight ‘highly toxic’ pills

NUS busybodies clash over Coca Cola boycott

Some people really don’t want to be stuck drinking Pepsi

Cameron shames NUS for siding with ‘jihad supporters’ CAGE

He’s not angry, he’s just disappointed

When UKIP porn baron Johnny Rockard tried to recruit girls on Bristol Uni campus

It was all going quite well until some guy called him a pervert

If you like naked medics, you need to buy a CLIC ticket tonight

Charity dance show tickets go on sale at 9pm tonight

It’s official: Epigram got it wrong

Turns out arts students aren’t subsidising everyone else

Bouncer punches Pam Pam’s party-goer in the face

Science student spends the night in jail after the incident

Students turned the Victoria Rooms water fountain into a ball pool to celebrate the end of uni

Guess it beats getting drunk in Lounge

Missed your chance to go on the Park Street water slide? Watch this GoPro vid instead

Based on this video, you really didn’t miss much