Susannah Griffin
Editor of The Cardiff Tab
Final Year History Student at Cardiff University.

Can we all just agree that the nightlife in Burton on Trent is the absolute worst

But we love it anyway and most of us wouldn’t miss a Dirty Thurs

Calling all cramped Cathays residents: Do you have the best box room in Cardiff?

With a trendy tapestry you can make anything look good

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are coming to Cardiff, and this is where you can see them

They probably won’t be in Cathays

Eat any of these healthy library snacks and you’ll probably get a first

Leave the Monster Munch in 2002

Line your stomach with Lidl’s bakery, until you become a mini pizza: New Year’s resolutions every Cardiff student needs to make

I can’t touch the VKs, it’s a New Year, new me hun x

Being single during the festive period is actually the best

All by myseeeeeelf, I wanna be all by myself

It’s a na na naaaaait you can’t miss: Dappy is coming to Cardiff

And he’ll have no regrets

It’s revolutionary: The Taf are now selling mulled VK

Deck the halls with six VK’s, tra la la la la…

BREAKING: Gemma Collins has cancelled her appearance at Glam tonight

She may have earned her diva-ship, but this is not cool

Sausage rolls, hair nets and sloppy Tuna Crunch: What you learn from working at Greggs

Making Tuna Crunch baguettes will become the bane of your life

Prepare for the best week yet: The Tab Cardiff are taking over your nights out

It’s gonna be lit

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher 2017 nomination: Sasha Thomas

Seriously, this guy is cray

It’s time: You can now send in your nominations for Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher 2017

Have you met any Taly terrors?

Everyone you’ll meet in your first few weeks in Cardiff

OMG you play rugby? Tell me more

Important: Which item on the Wetherspoon’s menu is your uni?

Trent is a battered onion ring cos they love the sesh

We’re now able to get into YOLO from 8pm

Pres start at 5pm btw

Hold up – Revs are hosting a prosecco party

It’s revolutionary

Our dreams have been answered: Retro now has prosecco on tap

Who doesn’t love the seccy?

Peppa Pig is a Cardiff fresher, and we got an exclusive interview with her

Not the cartoon, the actual person just to be clear

How Gemma Collins would react if she was forced to go to your uni, as told through iconic pictures of her

Oxbridge is obviously Gemma with the pony