Stephanie Brew

Stephanie Brew
Liverpool University


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Suspicious package believed to be heroin posted through third year’s door

They didn’t even have to sign for it

Liverpool will hit frightfully high temperatures tomorrow

For once, it’s not going to rain

‘We’re just a burger joint’: Controversial Death Row themed diner lets you eat inmates’ last meals

And there are mug shots on the walls

There’s a lot more to Arts Club than Chibuku

See how the Seel Street hot spot shapes up for food and booze

Over 20 million pounds to be blown on making a bio-campus

Liverpool will join Boston and Singapore as a World leading city for medical development centre

UoL scraped past Sheffield in University Challenge

Paxman was unimpressed

The Summer Ball: To wear or not to wear?

With much on-going speculation around the Summer Ball, every attendee is asking the same question- what on EARTH are we supposed to wear?

5 ways to steal a computer in the library

If there wasn’t enough stress attached to exam time, the infuriating task of finding a computer comes with it. Here’s our list of the best way to steal one from a fellow student.

How to dress like a top LAD

Are you sick to death of being a mediocre male species? Can’t keep up with the BARE JOKES and can’t down a pint in 5 seconds? Well don’t you fret – we are here to give you the ultimate ‘top lad’ wardrobe to get you at least 72% of the way there.

A boy’s perception of women’s fashion

The Tab fashion girls completely let their guard down and went against all instinct by allowing one boy to dress them up in what he thought a girl should be strutting about in.

Nightlife Street Style: Juicy

Found yourself getting all kinds of juicaaay in Juicy last night? The fash pack were out in force snapping the best dressed gals on the town.

The perfect date outfits

Once you’ve got over the pain of finding a date comes the real stress – what if he’s obsessed with Anime, what if he hates Beyonce and WHAT do I wear?!

Night-life street style: Valentine’s Day special

Were you out last night with your one true love celebrating Valentine’s Day by necking tequila and slut-dropping the night away? But of course looking utterly fabulous at the same time? Well have a peep to see if we branded you a trendy twosome.

The perfect Valentine’s Day

Ah love… L.O.V.E, love. The day has arrived that truly epitomises true love and here is our guide to the perfect way to execute it.

The best book bags on the high-street

With a new semester comes a mass of new textbooks to drag into University everyday; we’ve found the best book bags on the high street to help you!

Nightlife street style

Now exams are over we call out the fashionistas of Liverpool who have finally left the library to paint the town every colour of the rainbow.

The winter wardrobe: so right but so wrong

When the weather gets chilly, all sorts of fashion faux-pas come out.

People who ruin pre-drinks

The five types of people who will always turn up to pre-drinks and who will undoubtedly ruin your experience.