Sophie Parker

SUUCL have a plan to pilot sleep pods – but we’re not convinced

How much do you bet that people will still nap in the library?

Can we all stop freaking out about women’s only gym hours please?

All of the UCLove posts about it are making it hard to search for notes from my secret admirer

UCL crushed KCL in Varsity

That makes it 5:1 to us

Introducing the women about to crush Strand Poly in today’s Varsity Lacrosse match

Let’s make it three years running please ladies

To smoke or not to smoke: UCL stages referendum to ban smoking on campus

Forget the Brexit referendum, this is the one that really counts

Breaking: Men’s Varsity Rugby has been cancelled

Women’s Rugby will be the final fixture of Varsity instead

We tried the new UCL/Imperial dating site so you don’t have to

Honestly, the things we do for you guys…

Get over deadlines by checking out Loop’s Clubbers of the term

And the winner is…

UCL’s saddest Christmas decorations

Can someone call Santa? Uni has killed Christmas…

UCL scientists accused of covering up two deaths in order to secure money for further research

It is alleged the cover-up occurred to secure £4.7 million in government funding

A definitive list of people you’ll pull at Loop

Spoiler: You’ll regret them all.

Things you’ll 100 per cent relate to if you’re at uni with your best friend from home

Everyone says not to do it, but they’re wrong.