Simon Johnson
Fitzwilliam, History When Simon isn't producing theatre shows, he can be found singing opera or climbing up mountains. He also has a strange obsession with tea...

The Trouble with Teaching to the Test

How faculties can help bridge the gap between A Levels and Cambridge.

Don’t Patronise Me

Rigging the exam system to help state school applicants entirely misses the point.

Debate: Down with the Gown?

Is pretension damaging our reputation? Or is it what makes Cambridge great? SIMON JOHNSON and EVIE PRICHARD share their thoughts.

UL: Give Us Our Books Back!

The UL’s change in borrowing policy spells disaster for finalists and undermines its promise to stock all necessary books.

Degree for Sale?

Cambridge should cash in on the ‘honorary degree’ phenomenon.

No Standing Ovation for Conference Season

Party conference season is the clearest example of the gap between the leader and the led.

The Flap Over Free Schools

Free schools encourage a better quality of teaching, which is exactly what we need.