How to choose the Best gaming laptop ?
  Traditional and conventional laptops are different from the gaming laptops due to a number of specific features that they have. Gaming laptops are mostly used for high end games while conventional laptops are only used for basic work. It is important to do research before buying a gaming laptop so one is well aware about the specifications and requirements. Choose the best gaming laptop under 800 from this list. ________________________________________________________________________________________ This article provides information about the best gaming laptops and if you are someone who is interested in gaming laptops then this is just the article for you. ________________________________________________________________________________________ The best gaming laptop will have the best, fastest, and newest graphics available. Be sure to search for the new graphics card/graphic chipset while buying a laptop for gaming purposes. Be sure to also review the laptop specs to see whether you can upgrade the graphics card on your laptop. If you have more budget see this guide of laptop under $1000. ________________________________________________________________________________________ A key element in having the best gaming laptop is RAM. Simply putting RAM or random access memory refers to the number of programs that you can run without slowing down on your laptops. For serious gamers, 512MB of ram is best as this will allow the large memory needed to run gaming-required graphics. Basically, more RAM means a better gaming laptop. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Overall, choosing a laptop with the greatest VRAM graphics card you can afford is the perfect choice for gaming. A simple way to find out what memory you may need is to refer to the back of the CD-case or manual of your games or media program to see the specifications for the video memory system. ________________________________________________________________________________________ There's a lot of CPU speed on the best laptop for gaming. Nothing is more irritating than making the machine freeze or crash in the middle of a game. The processor is the brain or center of computers and the quality determines how the machine can function. Gigahertz (GHz) is the speed of a processor. ________________________________________________________________________________________ A significant role is played by screen requirements for gaming laptops. Obviously, a splendid gaming experience will be offered by the bigger, stronger, 17-inch large screen. The resolution and display quality should be capable of handling 3D gaming graphics. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Now you have the important features for the Best gaming laptops.