Selena Barrientos

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I behave like any other normal person so therapy should be out of the question, right?

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The Bahamas and Caribbean are the best vacation spots ever

American beaches just cannot compare

What is a remote internship really like?

You won’t get paid to just Netflix and chill

What it’s really like being a pastry chef

Going to culinary school isn’t always sugar coated

What it’s really like being a medical assistant

‘What I was taught in school was nothing like reality’

The ultimate NYC foodie Instagrams you need to follow ASAP

Put down whatever you’re doing. It’s time for some food porn

Hunter junior and Muse scholar has photography displayed in North Building

‘I hope it brightens people’s days, provokes a response and creates a positive atmosphere’

Dear high school seniors: Don’t come to Hunter

It’s not for everyone. Make sure it’s the right fit for you

Meet Elizabeth White, Hunter student and fashion model

‘My favorite part about being a model is the lack of humdrum lifestyle’

Astoria is without a doubt the best place to live in NYC

Who needs to live in Manhattan when there’s Astoria?

Hunter professor creates Trump mosaic from Mexican and Muslim faces

‘We cannot look at them as labels, but need to see them as humans who each have a story behind them’

I have the best commute to Hunter

I don’t even have time to read a book it’s great

Life in the Bronx: The misunderstood borough

‘I love the energy. I feel so comfortable in the Bronx because it’s my people’

What it’s like pursuing Computer Science as a woman

‘Out of all the classes I’ve taken, there were less than 10 girls’

How much do you expect to earn after college?

A comparison between student’s expected salaries and the facts

Where’s the best coffee around Hunter?

‘Anywhere with the cheapest coffee’

Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?

An exploration of the best women’s bathrooms at Hunter

TEDxCUNY 2015: ‘Borders and Belonging’

The event is free for CUNY students, faculty and staff

What does your tattoo mean to you?

‘We did it on their dining room table. He did people’s tattoos secretly because it was illegal’

Cute outfit, where did your mom buy it from?

‘She would buy me stuff but I told her to stop. She doesn’t have great fashion taste’

How do you find being surrounded by rich people all the time?

‘I don’t mind, I’m just doing me’