Sara Silberman
Sara Silberman

I break for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours // USC Annenberg Class of 2020

A short list of total shits that are probably being considered for executive roles at USC

Weinstein for med school dean

Get your own damn game day look…Song Girl skirts are a USC thing

An ode to the ~USC~ Song Girl skirt

USC Annenberg benefactor Judge Judy doesn’t know what it means to be a feminist and ‘absolutely’ does not want to make the same amount of money as men

She wanted debate, so let’s start one

‘I just want to empower people’: Meet USC singing sensation BAUM

She’s got the best of both worlds

College student receives impromptu graduation after getting stuck on subway and missing ceremony

Just like Uncle Jesse’s high school graduation on Full House

We’re even closer to 4AM last call, since the LOCAL act passed in California’s state Senate

Call your state assemblyman and Governor Brown if you want to see this bill become law

USC will be opening a London office, Provost Quick announces


USC released a first look inside the Village’s residential colleges

The furniture was personally approved by President C.L. Max Nikias himself

Why I’m traveling America and mowing lawns in every single state

He’s made it to 19 states in under a month

Student arrested on charges of changing his grade from an F to a B

He is accused of sneaking into a school building and illegally improving his grade

ABC’s Dirty Dancing remake should be put into a corner and kept there for a very, very long time

I couldn’t find one positive tweet about it

All of your questions about USC Freshman Orientation answered

Welcome to the best four years of your life

Former USC starting cornerback Adoree Jackson officially reached a deal with the Tennessee Titans

Fight on, Adoree!

Silicon Valley hires more students from USC than from the Ivy Leagues


Annenberg is considering dropping students’ free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud

Students are threatening to transfer into SCA

BREAKING: Two people arrested on 29th and Ellendale

Neither of them attend USC

USC Memes is losing the national poll for the best meme page

Which we all know must be some kind of technical glitch

The memery has reached a new level with Pointy Things for Spoiled Pre-Teens stickers

Erik Byargeon, Lucas McGartland and Andrew Ullmann have already surpassed their funding goal

The unofficial USC Freshman Year Survival Guide

Because TBH there’s a lot to know

Meet Markian, the USC YouTuber who snuck into the Row’s most exclusive frat parties by dressing up as a woman and a celebrity

“Dressing Up as a Girl to Frat Party” has over 600k views

Selena Gomez donated to support lupus research at USC’s Keck School of Medicine

Fight on, Selena!