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Where to shit on campus once the Union closes

Where will you take your 10am poop?

UMich fraternities self-impose a ban on all social events

Amid claims of sexual misconduct and hazing allegations

UMich dedicates space for first generation students

‘Coming to Michigan was kind of an identity shock – like, holy shit I’m a minority’

Those backpacks on The Diag hold a powerful message

Over 1,100 college students commit suicide per year

Everything you need to know about the Black student protest last night

Things quickly turned violent

UMich is one of the top 30 best universities in the nation, but who’s surprised?

The rankings considered the best 300 US colleges

Almost half of sexual assaults reported at UMich occur in freshman dorms

And over a third are reported from university buildings

Surprise, the people of Michigan still hate Trump

Approval ratings have dipped below 30 percent

Coach Beilein voted goody-two-shoes of college basketball coaches

We’re the best because we play by the rules

Take this quiz to find out which UMich dorm you are

Fingers crossed for Lloyd

UMich offers low-cost health plan for students

The best situation to be in when midterms are killing you but you can’t afford to die

Everything you need to know about the Naruto Run

BYOSH – bring your own shinobi headband

I documented every single sexist thing men said to me during my internship

‘Oh, is it ~your week~?’

The best UMich meme pages you need to follow asap

The dankest memes to start your school year the right way

UMich student hit by falling tree

The student is in serious condition.

‘It’s not fair to anyone, especially innocent people’: Here’s what happened at the Immigrants March in Ann Arbor

Students gathered to demand equity and respect for immigrants

Which Girl Scout cookie is your UMich major?

We all know who the Thin Mints are.

BREAKING: Palestinian students peacefully protest Israel Day on the Diag

‘We just want to go home. I want to be able to see my grandparents and be in my own house’

Michigan wins Big 10 conference

Four wins in four days

An ode to Circus

22 years young, taken too soon.

Racist slurs used to target prospective students in GroupMe

This is NOT the Michigan difference.

Everything you need to know about the Women’s March in Ann Arbor

We will not go quietly

Ohio State fails at ‘M’ tradition yet again

Proves it’s still the worst state ever

Meet the frat guys protecting the M from MSU

Yes, they actually sleep outside for the week

White pride posters put up outside Black student’s dorm

They included stats about how many Black people have HIV

Michigan recruits extraordinary 15-year-old player for football team

Harbaugh: ‘It’s an honor to share our sideline with Larry’

Michigan’s win over Rutgers is paying for my dinner

Thanks, Harbaugh

The most Insta-worthy places on campus

The Law Quad, because #Hogwarts

UMich ranked 23rd best university in the world

That’s the Michigan difference

How to survive your first welcome week at Michigan

What’s your major?

If UMich buildings were your classmates

We all know who the Ugli is

There’s a cat cafe in Ann Arbor, MI

It’s as purrrfect as I had imagined

The best slices in Ann Arbor

Where to get the perfect late night snack after Rick’s

Why Torch Lake is the best vacation spot

National Geographic named it third most beautiful lake in the world for a reason

You know you’re from Hartford, MI if…

Population 2000, but you knew that

Why running is the best sport

There’s no monthly membership fee when the whole world is your gym

‘I shaved my head to raise money for cancer patients’

For $300 I said I’d do it… in less than 24 hours $200 was already raised

How to be a good tourist

If you can’t recognize a tourist, you are one

We asked people the worst dates they’d been on

‘A housing security officer stood in the doorway, as I scrambled to zip my pants and bury myself in the blankets’

We asked people what their first AIM screen name was

The shame is real

How to swipe the card swiper’s heart

Have his flicky wrist and fingers all over you in no time