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UCLA features seven times on list of sexual misconduct claims at universities

Women have been speaking up about harassment and assault encountered in academia

An ode to Josh Rosen

You beautiful, loudmouthed champion

Jordan Peele snuck into a UCLA film class while they were watching his film

You can bet no one told him to ‘Get Out’

Leave Ariel Winter alone

She’s a queen and you can’t handle it

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And we’re here to shake things up

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So, Westwood was just hit with a 3.6 magnitude earthquake

Did you feel it?

UPDATED: UCLA student found dead in university apartments

An investigation is under way

UCLA ranks in the top 15 universities worldwide

‘UCLA alum’ will look great on a resume

UCLA football commit accused of rape pushes to keep playing on high school team

If denied, his athletic scholarship could be revoked

Here’s how you can watch the eclipse at UCLA

A once-in-a-lifetime event

QUIZ: Which UCLA dorm should you really have been in?

You don’t deserve Hedrick

The 2018 Princeton Review rankings are in, and here’s where UCLA stands

Who knew we had such good health care

Get excited, because the Olympics are officially coming to LA

Adding more wins to UCLA’s Olympic record

Survivors are taking control of their sexual assault on campus using this app

‘Giving survivors agency has a ripple effect’

Here’s everything you can buy with Gene Block’s annual salary

Guess how many replacement BruinCards it would get you

Fundraiser for Georgia Tech student hospitalized in car accident reaches over $10,000

They have raised $13,000 in three days

We used Diet Coke as tanning oil and plan to be caramel messes all summer because it kind of worked

Are we basic yet?

Lonzo Ball officially drafted to the Los Angeles Lakers

We all saw it coming, tbh

I hope your summer job is going better than the intern who called Paul Ryan a ‘cuck’

He has since lost his internship

We spoke to someone from the team behind UCLA Secrets

Their name is simply ‘Chains’

QUIZ: Plan a meal at BJ’s and we’ll tell you what GPA you have

What your pizookie choice says about you

UConn frat guys charged in connection with student death avoid jail time

They have received special probation and will complete community service

UCLA ranked one of the top 15 most prestigious universities in the world

But B Plate was already bougie AF

The 25 mistakes every freshman will make at UCLA

Don’t even lie, this is you

UCLA ranked again one of the top 50 universities in the world

We’re 100 spots above USC

Just a list of UCLA memes that are so accurate it’s painful

Sad reacts only

Here’s what you missed from Spring Sing 2017

Highlights include an ode to the Hedrick Study

Religious fanatic spews misogyny on Bruinwalk, students respond with female empowerment

His sign read ‘women should not vote’

UCLA students made a grave site for a dead squirrel, in case you were wondering where our priorities are


To wrap up Women’s History Month, here are some of UCLA’s kick-ass female alumni

This could be you, ladies

BREAKING: Fire at Powell Library leaves study space closed for the night

Finals week in a nutshell

The UCs are proposing a cap on nonresident students for the first time in history

As if it wasn’t hard enough to get in

Muslim women were tying hijabs on BruinWalk to promote solidarity and awareness

There will be a discussion tonight to talk about our experiences

UCLA diversity report ‘sets the record straight’ about representation in Oscar noms

The report aims to address equity issues in Hollywood

LA officially has the worst traffic in the world

We’re not exaggerating, we promise

Someone changed the UCLA meme page name to ‘The Same Picture of Gene Block Every Hour’ and everything feels weird

Now it captures the ‘real reason’ we like memes

A gigantic storm is coming for LA, just in time to ruin your weekend plans

Brace yourselves for the rainpocalypse

UCLA’s dining halls were ranked #30, but we all know they should be ranked #1

Who even knew dessert nachos existed?

Students are making UCLA memes using porn stills

As if the memes weren’t good enough already

QUIZ: How savage are you? UCLA edition

I am Bruin, hear me roar

Student organization uses gravestones to protest tuition rise

USAC campaigns to ‘fund the UC’

The best tweets about the new Hedrick Study

‘I’ve been here for like 3 days’

Everything out-of-state students feel about being home for the holidays

‘So, how’s California?’

How UCLA is faring three weeks after the election

Who knows what these next 4 years will be like

In response to HuffPo’s, ‘Your Mental Health is More Important Than Your Grades’

Yes it is – but for college students it’s more complicated than that

There’s another radical preacher on Bruin Walk

‘Harambe died and you’re about to die if you don’t follow Jesus’

UCLA students post notes of solidarity around campus

The ripple effects of last week’s election are still being felt

Two cops fired for mishandling gruesome UCLA murder case

‘UCLA tried really hard to keep it really low-key last year, so many students do not know about it’

Man dies after falling from UCLA Biomedical Library

It’s been ruled a suicide

UCLA is officially one of the best universities in the world

Now accepting fall applications

It rained in LA and everyone went ballistic

Seriously, it was intense

Why the UCLA sculpture garden should be next on your bucket list

Prepare to feel zen