Samantha Spotswood

7 famous homes within 5 miles of UCLA

In case you needed a reminder that you were in LA.

Just in case you were going to be a cat again for Halloween, here are some last minute UCLA-themed costumes

I s2g if I see a cat that’s not Powell Cat…

A guide to eating vegan on The Hill

Salads are a feels bad man.

Breaking: Student cyclist hit by car on Bruin Walk

‘The guy on the bike yelled right before they hit, but it was basically a head-on collision’

An indigenous UCLA graduate gives his input on Indigenous People’s Day

‘We need to honor who was really here and stop honoring some maniac that was genocidal’

UCLA student goes viral after her wholesome father sends her mangoes in the mail


US News and World Report’s university rankings are out and you’re never going to believe who they tied us with

Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number 1: How dare you?

UC System to continue to support DACA despite Trump’s decision to rescind the program

‘The University of California will continue to stand with Dreamers and their supporters as we fight to keep the program alive.’

USC students urinated on the Bruin Bear last night, confirming they are the most awful people in the world

Wow, you really got us!

So apparently Tommy Trojan and Robert E. Lee have horses with basically the same name

They really have a mascot with the same name as a loser.

How real are Josh Rosen’s claims about the lives of college athletes? A closer look

‘No one in their right mind should have a football player’s schedule and go to school’

I graduated from college and now I’m traveling around the world on foot

‘I needed to make the most of the short time I had’

Amazon is opening a location in Westwood so you no longer have to wait a week for your textbooks

But really it’s probably just because we’re all impatient af

Meet Piera Van de Wiel: Actress, singer, producer, and advocate for women in the arts

‘Take the power within yourself and share it with others’

‘Trans people serve at higher rates than most Americans’: UCLA experts on Trump’s transgender military ban

‘A ban on military service by transgender individuals would negatively impact thousands of transgender people’

Princeton to hire Men’s Engagement Manager to combat ‘violence’

The university hopes it will ‘challenge gender stereotypes’

Taco Bell and Lyft have teamed up for ‘Taco Mode’ so you can officially delete every other ride-sharing app now

Drunk tacos have never been more accessible

QUIZ: Choose your favorite characters from iconic TV shows and we’ll tell you which UCLA icon you are

Tag yourself, I’m Gene Block

Everything you can buy with the money you save by actually going to class

Literally just all of Diddy Riese

UCPD searches for suspects of two armed robberies

The victims’ screams were heard by residents of nearby apartments