Ruth Mariner

Ruth Mariner


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The Cambridge Humanities Review Reviewed

The recent revival of The Cambridge Review makes a nice afternoon’s reading for RUTH MARINER

il faut que je sois

King’s Art Centre delivers a vision with precision for RUTH MARINER.

Art and Faith: New Ways of Seeing

New inter-faith art exhibition hangs from a series of question marks for RUTH MARINER

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska: Vorticist!

Kettle’s Yard does big things with a small space for RUTH MARINER

Voices of Women and Whales

Avant-garde instrumental techniques conjure up oceanic soundscapes for RUTH MARINER

Die Fledermaus

CUOS serves Strauss better than Bollinger for RUTH MARINER

Filthy Lucre 2

RUTH MARINER enjoys three nights out in one as she drinks up the eclectic cultural cocktail FILTHY LUCRE 2

Tab Tries: Mixtape Society

Mixtape Soc will save you from cultural poverty, writes RUTH MARINER

The Tab Companion to: Walks of Shame

RUTH MAINER explains how to turn the traditional Walk of Shame into a Stride of Pride without having to shag Brad Pitt…

Tab Dos and Don’ts: Sexual Perversion

Want to perv Cambridge-style? RUTH MARINER presents the guidelines…

Pierrot Lunaire

RUTH MARINER breaks the silence on one of Cambridge’s best-kept classical secrets: the CUMS free Lunchtime Concert Season.

Cambridge Colleges: Most Haunted

Let RUTH MARINER guide you around the most haunted spots of Cambridge.

A Question Is Better Than An Answer

Metaphysics and wine adds up to a successful concert for RUTH MARINER.

Walks Of Shame

The Walk of Shame is an inevitable part of the sex-scavenger’s university experience. RUTH MARINER has gathered some first-hand gems to reassure you that you are not the slaggiest biscuit in the box.