Roz Wikeley

Revolutionary Shopping

Hunting for additions to your wardrobe can be an onerous and arduous affair resulting in Starbucks bail-outs or worse…changing room breakdowns. ROZ WIKELEY gives away a few online shopping secrets to help stop the strop.

Win £100 of goodies and backstage time with models

VIDEO: Win £100 worth of Unilever products and backstage access to the University Fashion Show in our video competition

Impending Decadence

It’s been a long journey across the marble floors of British fashion houses and throwing themselves at the feet of potential sponsors, but Roz Wikeley can confidently say, the Fashion Show is Coming

‘The Best Ideas Are Stolen’

Put that three volumed work of Kant down and appreciate some phograstination

The fashion girls go commando

3 Girls, 3 Locations, 1 Vision: Go Commando for an evening


From skeletons to spaghetti, ROZ WIKELEY shares a few costume ideas for those upcoming Halloween parties.

Moneypenny’s got Competition

From femme fatales to ice queens, ROZ WIKELEY asks which Bond girl are you?

Breaking into Fashion

ROZ WIKELEY gets the low down on working in the fashion world from Tatler big cheese, Mariella Tandy.