Rosie Hore
Rosie came to Cambridge to escape her home-town of Oxford and so has an excuse to support the winning side in the boat race every year. She spends too much time on the Daily Mail website and knows more about Kate Middleton's boobs than she does about the shadow cabinet.…

Page 3: Let It Be

Boobs in the media are the least of women’s problems, says ROSIE HORE, who argues we should let tit be.

Sleep Out

ROSE HORE discusses sleeping rough in Cambridge and invites you to experience it for yourself at Sleep Out tomorrow evening.

How To: Blind Date

The deadline for your RAG blind date forms is tomorrow. Follow ROSIE HORE’s advice to get the most out of your Valentine’s experience.

Rosie Hore: Week 7

ROSIE thinks you should do something amazing today – but not necessarily for the right reasons…

Rosie Hore: Week 6

ROSIE goes through the job interview from hell. In her underwear.

Rosie Hore: Week 5

It’s fine to be rude to ROSIE, but only once you know her.

Rosie Hore: Week 4

ROSIE gets naked this week, and she thinks you should all do the same.

Rosie Hore: Week 3

ROSIE’s crying again. Find out why…

Rosie Hore: Week 2

ROSIE HORE is here to lend some much needed advice.

Rosie Hore: Week 1

ROSIE talks sex shops and rejection in her first column.

Cambridge Characters: The Bouncer

In an ongoing quest to discover the full human face of Cambridge, ROSIE HORE snuggles up to two of your favourite heavies.