Riona Millar
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Bounce – review

“Fitness is a journey…”

Review: Hedda Gabler

Fancy that!

Pole Society Lent Showcase: Review

What an absolute joy.

Footlights Spring Revue’d

Check in and check this one out

Pool Noodles: Review

Or, in honour of BBC Cambridgeshire, “Paul Noodles: Review”

Review: University Challenged Round 2

Very, very silly.

Grave Concern: review

It had me dying laughing, so.

Review: Wild Honey

Rediscovered Chekhov in the forest is a dark delight.

Grindr Diaries – some thoughts

Men are trash – Freddy Legg, 2018

Review: Don Juan Comes Back From the War

“How obscenely decadent…”

Adventures in the UL

The Tab Tries not to get lost in the library

The Poetics of Glitterbomb

TAB TRIES to contemplate the poetry of a gay night